Friday, December 26, 2008

What happened to the podcasts?

Ah, yes. The best laid plans. The road to **** is paved with good intentions. Any other cliches?

Starting to do my year-end review and my next year planning and although I did accomplish the setting up of a podcast as was part of my list of goals for Conscious Kernels for 2008, I have only recorded the inaugural episode.

The original plan was to create a weekly podcast, especially for those who do not have a New Thought center in their community. Something that could stand in for a weekly Sunday Service or weekly classes, albeit a short one. Just something to help facilitate a spiritual practice, a spiritual pick-me-up, a spiritual boost to an otherwise ordinary day.

So now, 2009 is just around the corner. And a new commitment to recording podcasts. Maybe the once-a-week was too ambitious. Or maybe a shorter length of podcast would be doable.

In any case, stay tuned. There will be a second episode of the Conscious Kernels podcast. Maybe even a third and fourth.

Thanks for hanging in there. Sign up for the feed either at the website or in the righthand column of this blog page.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peace Be Still

At this time of year, we often turn toward innerspection, as well as looking at where the world is. As I wrote in the December issue of the Conscious Kernels newsletter, the idea of Peace has been forefront in my mind. And I wrote that before the attacks in India this past week.

Now, more than ever, we need to focus on Peace. Why is the violence happening? What is the real cause behind it? The conflicts seem to be coming from people trying to control other people or people thinking they can be controlled by other people.

If we all realized that we are the power in our own lives, that no one can take our power from us, that we are the only ones who can give our power away, then perhaps a small kernel of peace will begin to grow out of the knowing that we are the power.

We welcome your thoughts. How do you grow your kernel of peace in your own life?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our leaders reflect our group consciousness

Regardless of political affiliation, the election of Barack Obama reflects the group consciousness of American voters. Where are we going as a people? Look at what Barack Obama is and represents and where his policy positions stand to answer that question.

First, he is of mixed race. A physical reminder that we are moving beyond one race vs. another. As all the newscasts during the election kept bringing up the fact that he would be the first African-American president, I kept realizing in myself that I never thought of him that way. I saw a man. That's all. A man. A smart man. I wanted to know what this man would do for this country and this planet.

So badly in need are we of intelligent, humane, logical, practical, forward-thinking leadership, I wanted to find out how he would lead us. I saw in him a person who thinks like I do on so many of the issues facing us.

He represents respect for this planet in his positions on renewable energy, environmental protections and global warming. He represents respect for the common man trying to live a life of dignity and prosperity and providing for his or her family. He represents scientific advancement for the betterment of life. He represents decency and transparency in the workings of a government that is supposed to be: of, by and for the People. (The "for" part has been sadly lacking.)

What his election really says is that we, the People, are finally starting to recognize our own respect of this planet and its people. We are starting to recognize our own power and our own responsibilities. This is a great step forward in the Consciousness of America as we become again a beacon of hope and great stewardship for the World.

Listen to his words in a spiritual context. He mentions Unity alot. He talks about us coming together as a people. He talks about making the world a better place. He talks about the future for posterity.

I don't know what the George Bush years said about our collective consciousness (I never voted for him), but we can call it a dissipative structure eventually leading to the good. A dissipative structure, which my spiritual teacher taught me, is when everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, a breaking down of the old, so that a better new can be built up. Sometimes you have to go through a dissipative structure to come out the other side, stronger, smarter, with more understanding, and a higher consciousness.

If things had not gotten so bad, we would not, as a collective group, noticed. We would not have gotten up and done something. We would not have organized and mobilized and made our voices heard.

We want to be heard and with the election of a man like Barack Obama, our consciousness has created a new experience where we are heard. Our leaders hear us and are doing something about it. What a refreshing change.

I feel this is a turning point in America. What has happened to our country in the last 20-30 years? Yes, it goes back that far, at least for me.

I see the connection between everything. One thing truly affects everything else. We do not live in a vacuum. Nature is not a vacuum. Our issues must be solved from that stand point. And things will change faster and easier when we see the interconnection of everything.

This has become an open letter to the President-Elect. Approach everything from a sense and spirit of Unity and you will succeed. We will succeed. Together.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Everyday Faith and the Joy of Gratitude

For November, our idea of the month is the Joy of Gratitude. With Thanksgiving being celebrated in the United States, it is an appropriate and timely topic. Do you experience joy when you are giving thanks? What feelings do you associate with gratitude. Feeling joy in the midst of being thankful takes your thanksgiving to a whole new level.

How can we raise our thanksgiving to joyous levels? Post your comments.

Also in our November newsletter, our featured article is about Everyday Faith. What is Everyday Faith? Read our newsletter and post your comments here. Sign up for our newsletter in the handy form to the right.

Peace and blessings to all.

Until next time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Universe of Good and Fruits of Our Labor

The September newsletter's feature article is about how can we say that we live in a Universe of Good when it LOOKS like we are not receiving our good.

What's your opinion?

The September Idea of the Month is "Fruits of Our Labor". How do we receive the fruits of our labor? What exactly is our labor -- our job. It is not what you think. Do we receive only through the physical means? Then we are doing it Wrong!

Share your opinions here.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

The feature article in the August eNewsletter discusses the metaphysical meaning of this phrase from the Lord's Prayer.

You've read my interpretation as well as Emmet Fox's. What do you think?
Share your views here.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Prove Me Now

Prove me now, saith the Lord of hosts.

Metaphysically, this means: Prove the Law. Prove the Law exists. Prove the Law exists to yourself. Prove the Law exists to manifest your Good for you. You only need to convince yourself that the Law exists. It exists to create for you, through you.

I had an experience just the other day with this. I was trying to log onto the internet and the software I use somehow got corrupt. I tried uninstalling it and re-installing it. Error messages. I tried uninstalling that version and installing a different version. More error messages. I cleaned up my hard drive and ran a diagnostic check. Everything was fine. No bugs, no fixes.

I attempted to install the software for the third time. Then I stopped for a minute. I had my doubts that this would work. After all, the check found nothing wrong to fix. And I was about to do nothing different installing the software for the third time. I have to admit I was holding my breath a bit to see if this would actually work.

As I launched the software, still apprehensive, still in doubt, I said out loud "Prove me now, saith the Lord of hosts." In other words, I was saying to the Law, prove yourself. Prove you listen to me. Prove you work.

And wouldn't you know it ..... the software launched with no error messages, got me onto the internet and I was able to do what I needed to do!!

It is hard to describe what I was feeling at that moment. I was shaking my head in pure delight and awe. The Law did prove itself to me. It proved it can and did create my good for me.

Oh me of little faith! I was so delighted it worked and at the same time, shaking my head because it worked even when I had some doubt. That is how powerful the Law is.

I was always taught that doubt prevents a demonstration. But I had a demonstration even with my doubt. Maybe despite my doubt.

So what does this mean? It means the Law is more powerful than my doubt. God is bigger than my doubt. I will never doubt that fact again!

Until next time,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Program Introduced!

Conscious Kernels is thrilled to announce the availability of our latest multi-media, intensive program: Keys to Powerful Manifesting.

This program is loaded with lots of great information on how to become the best manifester you can be. Just some of what you get with this program: a course to train your mind to expand your consciousness, a collection of 30 daily affirmations for greater manifesting, several special reports, ebooks, audiobooks, a guided meditation, and much, much more.

You will have, at your fingertips, the manifesting secrets of great minds and spiritual teachers.

If your life is NOT what you want it to be, if you want improvement in any area of your life, I urge you to check out this program at:

Creating is what life is all about. It is what Spirit does and it is what we all do. Let's just start making it a conscious activity instead of a subconscious one.

Let's not fall to the Law of Averages to run our lives. Let's consciously run our own lives. You need to learn how to manifest if you want to be in charge of your own life. Get this program today and start having dominion over your own life!

Until next time,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Newsletter Feature Article

This month we discussed the balance between guiding the Law and being guided by Spirit.
(If you are not already a subscriber, join for free here.)

We need to do both. We have the power within us to direct the Law of the Universe to manifest in our lives. It is because we are "in the image and likeness" of God that we are able to do that.

But at the same time, we must realize that there is an Intelligence Universal to our Intelligence Individual. We will never be Universal. We are individualizations of the Universal. As such, we cannot know "All" the way Universal Intelligence knows All. We need to be open to being guided by this greater Intelligence. Some people call it intuition.

Whatever you want to call it, it is the still, small voice within that we must become still to hear. Yet we live in chatter and wonder why we are pulled in many directions and constantly under stress.

What do you think? Do you let intuition guide anything in your life? Or would you feel silly or out of control if you did that? We welcome your comments.

Until next time,

June Idea of the Month -- "Play"

So what do you think about the idea that your life should be filled with play? That every activity you do, should have some level of enjoyment or satisfaction in it -- or why do it at all?

Spirit is Joy. We should have as much joy in our experience as we can. If you are not en-joying, you are not in Joy, you are not in Spirit.

Do you think that there are some things that are not ever going to be enjoyable? How can you reframe those experiences and find the Good and Joy in them?

Or do you think I am just a Polly-Anna?

We welcome your comments.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spirituality can be logical

We can apply logic and scientific methodology to spiritual practice, spiritual growth, and spiritual understanding. Spirituality can be approached very logically.

Just read anything by Thomas Troward. Spirit is Universal Intelligence. It acts intelligently. It creates mathematically. Its creations evolved to the point where one of them (humans) was advanced enough to reflect Itself as a microcosm of Itself.

When I first started reading Troward, I felt like I had stumbled upon the original and long-lost script of the best Star Trek episode ever! It reminded me of the Star Trek movie where the crew came back into contact with the space probe "Voyager" which, in the course of its own journey, gained so much knowledge, it became aware of itself (V-ger) and was searching for its creator.

We are like V-ger. We have evolved into a consciously-aware mind. We are the individualization of the Divine, Cosmic Mind seeking to reunite consciously with our Creator. There is a space, as Eckart Tolle calls it, within each of us that is the stillness, the Divine, the conscious awareness. That stillness is connected to everything, to all things and to God.

If you are not familiar with the basics of the Science of Mind teaching, please download our free ebook that gives a short overview of the principles.

Spirituality should not be confused with the dogma of old, established religions that have forgotten why they were established in the first place. Spirituality is Universal. We are all Spirit. And that is not some filmy, esoteric notion of "self". But a logical, precise working of each Mind as part of the one Universal Mind.

Please add your comments.

Expanding my personal horizons

I have been a member of a Religious Science church for close to 10 years. I have volunteered in various ways over the years at my church.

Well, this past Saturday, I reached a new milestone in my relationship with this church and its members by becoming a director on the Board of Directors. In my new role as a Board Member, I will be practicing the teaching of Science of Mind even more by helping to support, guide and lead the course that our church will be taking for the next two years.

We have undergone many changes in the past year and a half including the resignation of our founding pastors, the transition of one of these pastors, the installation of a new pastor and moving into a new center.

I have to commend the current and previous Board Members that got the church through these challenging times, and I look forward to being of similar service.

My growth will be in building a consciousness in myself that I will see reflected in the outer experience of all the members. I am grateful for this opportunity!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Living by the Law -- May's Feature Article

Working with the laws of the Universe makes living life a whole lot easier. We add stress and struggle to our lives when we go against the Spiritual Laws of Growth, Reciprocity, Attraction, etc. We need to learn about these laws and how they are acting in our lives at all times. Let us help you understand these spiritual laws at

I welcome your comments or questions on May's feature article in the Conscious Kernels newsletter on the subject of Spiritual Laws. Find the article here.

Until next time,

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Save a Tree, buy ebooks

Or save many trees if you are an avid reader.

The below commentary is from none other than Dan Poynter, the long-time book publisher and self-publishing industry guru.

He uses his PDA to read ebooks, but this would apply to the Kindle reading device from Amazon or a laptop with a really strong battery. (By the way, if the demand for PDA-optimized pdfs arise, Conscious Kernels will start offering more books in that format. Just let me know.)

So without any further ado, here is what Dan has to say about ebooks:

--Dan Poynter

Not only are most of my books available as eBooks, I read a lot of eBooks. I am a publisher and a reader. That places me on both sides of publishing: as producer and consumer.

My speaking travels average some 6,000 miles each week. Yes, 6,000; I made five around-the-world speaking itineraries this year. (I have a home in Santa Barbara but live on United Airlines.) Traveling as light as possible, I do not carry printed books. Think about it, even for a short trip, you would have to carry two books—in case you finished one. For the past several years, I have read eBooks on my Pocket PC.

A Pocket PC is a multifunction device. Now I do not have to carry an address book, calendar, reference materials, paper books, etc.

Then something happened. In December I was home for a couple of weeks. I had a couple of mass-market paperback that I wanted to read. They were not available as eBook editions so I decided to read myself to sleep with one of them.

How awkward! With the printed book, you have to turn on the (bright) light. If you wake up in the middle of the night and decide to tire you eyes with reading, that light is dazzling! The eBook reader is back-lighted and very gentle.

As a world traveler, I have become used to reading my eBooks in a taxi at five in the morning. Light? No thanks, my (back-lighted) book comes with a light.

Holding a printed book (pBook) is awkward. It take two hands. Even a smaller mass market paperback is difficult. Have I been reading my PocketPC with one hand too long?

Bookmark? How Twentieth century! I don’t need a book mark. Nor do I have to deface the book by dog-earing it. The eBook remembers where I stopped reading and opens to that page when I turn it back on.

Cost. The only reason I paid more for these pBooks is that they were not available as eBooks. I love these authors and have purchased everything they have written. How I wish all of their books were available electronically.

Type. Why can’t I adjust the size to the glasses I am wearing? It is easy with an eBook reader.

Spelling. When not sure of a word in a pBook, I have to go find a dictionary. With my eBook, the dictionary is built-in.

Convenience. I can download eBooks from anywhere in the world. I do not have to visit a bookstore or have Amazon deliver it.

Disposal. I read a lot of books. What should I do with pBooks when I finish reading? My shelves are full.

Electronic books are a far superior platform to dead-tree books for numerous reasons. But let’s be practical. After trying both—extensively, I prefer to annoy electrons than cut down trees. This is not just an environmental concern, it is a practical reading decision.

I love eBooks."

So support the ebook movement. I say the environment is a good enough reason. pBooks are so last century! Thanks to Dan for his insightful comments.

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Awakening -- April Idea of the Month

If you are a regular visitor to the main Conscious Kernels website, hopefully you have run across our Idea of the Month page.

Each month, I throw out an idea for discussion, pondering and embodying.
The lastest idea is Awakening and Consciousness in the context of Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" book.

I have been downloading the audio files of Oprah's 10 week class with Eckhart (as well as reading the book, of course). And much discussion has been about our true identity as Consciousness.

He has many ways of describing consciousness, one of which is awakening.

I particularly liked the discussion of Life being the Dancer and us being the Dance. It is Life living through us. God expressing and creating through us. The animating power animating us.

So what do you think of that? Are you being danced?

Post your comments here.

Until next time,

Friday, March 28, 2008

New Multi-Media Program now launched

We are happy to announce that our first multi-media program is now available and the first topic we are exploring indepth is Prosperity. It's called "Building Your Prosperity Consciousness".

A challenge for many and any area of life that nearly everyone feels can be improved!

Just go to the product page to see all the components of this incredible program. There's ebooks and study guides, audio seminars and affirmations, and a 30-day e-course.

We've thrown in some exciting freebie items as well.

So if the lack of prosperity is an issue in your life, if you just can't seem to get a handle on your finances, if there always seems to be some emergency that requires cash, then I urge you to get this program. You will develop a whole new relationship with money. You will discover there is much more to prosperity than just money and things. Learn the truth behind the spiritual quality of prosperity. Yes, I said spiritual!

Our new Programs line is designed to really give you a comprehensive, encompassing experience in the chosen topic. Not just one book or audio file, but many different resources to immerse yourself in a learning and LIFE-CHANGING experience.

Now get on with changing your life!
I wish you well.

Until next time, Namaste

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We are Kindle-izing

I was thrilled to discover that Amazon believes enough in the ebook revolution that it developed and built an ebook reading device called Kindle. Kindle's launch was so successful, that it completely sold out. Amazon is now scrambling to manufacture more. You actually buy and download your ebook purchases wirelessly through the Kindle device.

We are supporting the Kindle format by beginning to offer our ebooks in the Kindle format. Just go to our website, choose the titles you want to purchase and click on the Kindle format link. You will be taken to the Amazon website where the Kindle version can be purchased and downloaded.

There are some limitations to Kindle. It's screen is only black and white. Book pages cannot be layed out as a normal page is layed out. It is more of a flowing text where you can change text size to your own liking. But Kindle's display is supposed to be near paper-quality in its sharpness which is great news to prevent eye fatigue.

So if you have a Kindle, you can now start getting Conscious Kernels titles on your Kindle. We will continue to phase in Kindle versions of all our titles. (This is subject to Amazon's approval. Amazon also has the final say in the pricing.)

So re-Kindle you love of books with Kindle!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Podcasts Launched!

Happy New Year to all! And in keeping with doing something new in this New Year, we are posting the first feed of our first podcast.

Just a little background. In a survey we did of our website visitors, a number of suggestions came up for a podcast as a way to help fulfill the Conscious Kernels goal of encouraging, enhancing and advancing your personal spiritual growth. I had been thinking about starting a podcast also. Not surprising, as there is only One Mind!

So this is a dry run. We may be tweaking the delivery as I learn more about actual podcast feeds and other technical stuff. We are all learning here, right?

Right now, you can access our podcast in two ways:
the first one is just to click on the link that is the main head of this post (Podcasts Launched!!). This should take you to where the mp3 file is residing. You can then listen to it right on your computer or download it to listen at another time, or listen to it again, or to load onto your mp3 player.

The other way is to subscribe to the podcast feed. You will need some sort of podcatcher for this. Just look to the top of the right hand column and there is a link for the feed. Depending on what podcatcher you are using, it may automatically "catch" this link for you or you may have to copy the link and add it to your url list in your podcatcher.

The advantage of using a podcatcher is that each time you launch it, it will scan the internet for any new podcasts you have subscribed to and automatically download them for you! You don't have to go see if there are any new episodes.

Give our podcast a listen. Let me know if you have any comments on the material or how you were able to access it.

We intend to make this a weekly feature -- but let's see how this first one goes!

Thanks for listening!