Saturday, December 1, 2007

2008 Electronic Pop Up Calendars

I am so excited to be offering 2 electronic daily pop up calendars for this coming year.

We will have our perennial favorite: the Daily Affirmation Calendar -- available very soon.
And new for this year a Daily Quotations Calendar. This calendar contains profound and life-changing quotes from the great minds who pioneered and founded the New Thought movement.
Such as Ernest Holmes, Thomas Troward, Wallace Wattles, and Nona Brooks.

But here's the great thing about the new Quotes Calendar. It features photos of my two cats, Thelma and Louise!

Move over Geena Davis and Susan Sarandan! There's a new Thelma and Louise duo on the scene!

I live with two stars, two Divas, soon to become international sensations and world-reknown personalities.

Here are my babies:

Thelma is on the far left.

They are just a hoot as any cat owner will tell you. Louise actually sits still for her portraits better than Thelma. Thelma is not very camera-aware!

They are sisters. Litter-mates, who, as little kittens, were inseparable, so I took them both. There was a third kitten in their litter, a boy, and he was adopted by someone else. Unfortunately, he died a short time later. They did not have a close bond with their brother. But wherever one girl was, the other was sure to be around and vice versa.
They still get along well for being stuck with each other for 14 years!
So with the release of the 2008 Quotes & Cats Calendar, they are bound to become media darlings and then there really won't be any living with them!
More than 15 photos were used in the creation of the calendar. You should check them out!
Here's to a great, Catty 2008!

December Idea of the Month

I've asked for comments and thoughts on this month's Idea of the Month, as well as the feature article in the monthly Conscious Kernels eNewsletter.
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The subject: Materialism in this season of holiday gift giving. Also giving and receiving. I personally have never seen so many ads for sales etc. as I have seen this year. At least they waited until Thanksgiving for the onslaught. There is nothing worse than seeing Christmas stuff before Halloween.

So if you have read my Idea of the Month or the featured article, you will know that I put forth the argument that there is no such thing as what we call "Materialism" and its negative connotations.

If you look at things from a spiritual perspective, there is only the One. The one includes everything, including what we call material possessions. Material things are only the physical manifestation of spiritual ideas, thoughts, consciousness.

So if we stay in that mindset of spiritual vs. material, we are not understanding the very nature of God, Spirit, the Universe or how it works.

To say that these two concepts are opposed to each other is to not know the nature of Spirit. Spirit must express as physical things.

But enough from me. You know where Ernest Holmes and I stand.

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