Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Passing of Steve Jobs

I join the world in mourning the loss of Steve Jobs. His unique expression of creativity can never and will never be duplicated.

He suffered from pancreatic cancer for 8 years.

As I watched the review of his life and accomplishments on many TV channels last night, it was mentioned that he sought out alternative treatment for his condition. Oh, how I wished he had found Religious Science in that pursuit. I'm not saying that if he had received Spiritual Mind Treatment from a Religious Science practitioner, that he would still be with us today. But it could have happened. He could have been healed.

Look up cancer and pancreas in Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life". Cancer is the repression of feelings, it is letting unexpressed feelings eat you up inside. Pancreas represents the sweetness of life. Something, at some point, took the sweetness out of Steve Job's life and he could not allow himself to express that.

In my opinion, it probably was when he was FIRED from his own company! Can you imagine? You found a company, it becomes big enough and successful enough that it needs a Board of Directors. And that Board turns around and pushes you out. Then when the company flounders without you and almost goes into bankruptcy, they come crawling back to you and begging you to come back. Which you do. And you turn the company around to become the first or second most valuable company in the world!

What does that say in general about the "corporate" mindset? Why do you think people are sick of corporations pulling crap like that. It is heartless behavior. And Steve Jobs, from what I know, said nothing of their treatment of him. He just came back and used his genius as he was meant to do.

He said his firing was the best thing that ever happend to him. I am not so sure. I think it was the beginning of his cancer.

Oh, how I wish he had found Religious Science.

Happy trails to you, Steve, on your new journey.

October Idea of the Month

This month, Ernest Holmes calls October the month of Fulfillment. It is the natural and inevitable end result of the Creative Process. Spirit, Mind, Intelligence must be expressed on the physical plane. That is the fulfillment. As we discussed in the feature article in this month's newsletter, there is a correct order of demonstration or fulfillment. We wonder why a certain thing does not demonstrate or manifest, it is because we are not following the correct order of the Creative Process as outlined by Jesus in the Bible.

We must "think rightly" as he says. What is that correct order? Read my article! Subscribe to our newsletter.

Then practice this order and see what wonderful things happen!