Friday, October 1, 2010

October Idea of the Month

This month in the newsletter I talk about Choice.

Choice is one of the greatest powers we have been given by Spirit. Choice determines and changes your life. Your choice of thoughts, your choice of feelings, your choice of beliefs, and your choice of actions. Each and every one of these will determine what happens in your life.

How much conscious attention do you give to your choices? Or are you one of the many people who go through life with the "I've always done it this way" mantra? "I've always been this way." "I've always thought this way."

Now is a great time to think about your choices and WHY you choose what you choose. If you do a little digging, you may find some very silly or outdated reasons for your choices.

Now I don't want to get all political in this blog, but I have to say, for those of us in the United States, we have a choice coming up on Nov. 2. It is called election day. Your choice to even choose to vote is critical. And once you get into that voting booth, your choices in there will profoundly affect your life and the lives of everyone in this country. I won't tell you how to vote (although I would like to!), but I ask that you at least become conscious of your choices and the outcomes of your choices. Think about the future that will result from your choices. Think about what we went through under 8 years of a Republican administration and what a mess was left in its wake. Think about what a Republican control of Congress would be like for the next 2 years: political games and nothing getting done -- I only say this because they have actually promised to do nothing. Can you guess which way I suggest you vote?

The result of this election will reflect the collective consciousness of the United States. Do we want to protect our environment, end wars, help the sick, protect the average citizen, educate our children, and respect our seniors OR are we back to a consciousness of every man for himself regardless of the damage it may cause to the planet and our fellow human beings?

It will be interesting to see where our consciousness is. I know where my conscious choice is. I plan to tally it in the voting booth. I invite you to do the same.

Until next time.