Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Idea of the Month

In our free monthly newsletter, we discussed the designation of September as the month of Expectancy (as Ernest Holmes lays out in "365 Science of Mind").

I sort of speculated that the ninth month of the year is associated with 9 months of human pregnancy and a woman "expecting". You have to remember that this book was written in the 1950s! Was Ernest Holmes showing a little bit of dry humor?

At any rate, expecting your good is a crucial part of treatment work and demonstration. The fourth step in the 7 Step Spiritual Mind Treatment that I was taught and that we offer as an e-course at Conscious Kernels is "Simplify", which includes the idea that "what I expect to happen, happens". That simple.

Expectancy removes doubt. It removes hesitancy. All of which are important in training our consciousness to accept the good already given to us.

What if you started expecting good things to happen? You set out on a trip or a date or an appointment. What if you expected only good to happen in that experience -- before you went on that experience? I would suspect you would have a good experience!

Why not do a little experimenting with expecting good? As you grow more accustomed to expecting good, you will receive it. You will be training your subconscious to expect it, to look for it, to create it.

Now Good on all of you!

Until next time,