Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Affirmation Calendar -- new discount

With April almost here (can you believe it?), we are increasing the discount on our wall calendar to 25%!! That's right, our Affirmation Wall Calendar is only $15.00.

We are still in the first quarter of the year, so there is plenty of time to catch up with the monthly affirmations of January, February and March. And move forward in personal growth for the rest of the year.

Just visit here to purchase the 2011 Conscious Kernels Affirmation Calendar.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Celebrate "Read An E-Book" Week -- March 6-12, 2011

This is our second year of promoting "Read An E-Book" week. Why don't you celebrate by buying a few ebooks?!!

Here are some of the benefits of e-books: (courtesy of Sara Rosso)


    Carry your entire library in your pocket: With disk space quickly becoming a commodity, and the size of portable device hard drives getting bigger and bigger, its conceivable to think that you could have your entire library with you and have it accessible to your fingertips.
    Backup a copy of your library with an online backup service: Backing up your entire library online or locally won't require much space and it's something that would be impossible with a physical library, and no more worries about fire-proofing your books.
Saving Physical Space
    Your Library is as Big as your Disk Drive: As a bit of a nomad, I've changed house several times in my life, and each time I've had to give away parts or all of my library. Your library can grow as big as the disk space you have available and will be relatively small compared to walls and walls of bookshelves. And, due to disk space becoming a commodity, it's safe to say you'll probably never run out of space to store your library in your lifetime.
    Keep it? Throw it Away? It's just Bits: Now, you won't have the guilt of having to give away or throw out that paper book you couldn't finish. Keeping an electronic book will take up so little space you're allowed a few mistakes, and hopefully it will allow you to experiment with different types of authors and genres.
    Your Next Book is just Moments Away: Bringing hundreds of books with you wherever you are means you never have to plan ahead for that long trip or even the bus ride across town. When you've finished one book, quickly browse your library and start another!
Saving Time & Money
    No Shipping Costs or Wait Time: This is a much easier argument for me to prove living as an expat with book prices being astronomical in a non-English speaking country. But, remember that when you eliminate the need for shipping that book to where you physically are, there will be some cost benefits.
    Save Gas, Save Time: Also, buying electronically will inevitably save you gas by not going to a physical bookstore, and time as from selection to purchase and reading an electronic book can be done in mere minutes.
Not all ebook software is exactly the same, but many of them have similar settings and features that are common:
    Adjust Font Size for any Eyes: Adjust the font size, type and background color of your electronic book per your preferences.
    Add Notes, Bookmarks or Highlight: Instead of earmarking pages or marking up your paper copy, electronic copies allow you to add and delete bookmarks and notes at will and as many as you see fit.
    Searchable and Linkable Text: The text is searchable and can be hyperlinked, you can jump back-and-forth between chapters or the glossary.
I will add one myself: SAVE SOME TREES!

Now get out there and celebrate!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Idea of the Month

For those of you who are not signed up for the free monthly eNewsletter (and why aren't you?!!), we continue with the study of "365 Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes. This book has a page-long essay or treatment or prayer or profound understanding of truth (whatever you would like to call it) for every day of the year. March is the month of Faith. Faith is believing without question or doubt. We put our faith in a lot of things, but the best thing to put our faith in is the Unconditional Givingness and Infinite Intelligence of Spirit.

This month's article is about Divine Guidance. If we have faith in a power that is all-intelligent and all-giving, we can put our lives in the hands of Divine Guidance without hesitation because we know that wherever Divine Guidance leads us, it will be in our highest good. An all-intelligent, all-loving being could not send us down any other path.

The key, as Ernest Holmes wrote in "365" is to realize Its presence and make use of it. We should take advantage of a Divine Mind, which is within us, to guide our lives. Give it a chance to communicate with you. Take some time to listen to it.

When has listening to Divine Guidance helped you? Share your experience with us. Post your comments below.

Until next time,