Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Idea of the Month

November is the month of Thanksgiving. As a holiday and a spiritual practice.

Let's keep in mind the Divine Truth of this practice.

Giving thanks or gratitude is a profound spiritual practice. Gratitude, as Ernest Holmes says, is an attitude of recognition. It is affirming the very presence of God. It affirms our faith and belief in the Good. It affirms that there is a Divine Presence. It affirms that there is a Divine Source. It affirms that there is Divine Abundance. And that we have received and can continue to receive from it.

Gratitude confirms that we expect more of this Good. And if you remember from Step 4 of Spiritual Mind Treatment, whatever we expect, we get.

Giving thanks opens up our receptivity to even more Good. When we are grateful for what we have, it is through the Law that we will have even more to be grateful for.

It is an upward spiral of increase.

Have a wonderful holiday and practice Thanksgiving EVERY day of the year!

Until next time,