Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Website issues

For the months of November, December and January, you may have notices some issues with the website: Some of you may have even been prevented from getting to the website by your virus protection program.

As it turns out, my webhosting company was hacked into some time in late November and was infected with malware. That malware became attached to a good many of the sites they host -- including ours. Although they said they had fixed the problem, they did not. Another problem, related to this malware or not, cropped up where I could not update any of the webpages. After trying to restore, then not restore the site as a whole, I asked to be moved to a new server. This seems to have fixed the malware issue.

But then Google had a problem recently where all their search results gave searchers a warning that the website they were going to had malware. I believe this is unrelated to my webhost's problem and Google has since corrected theirs.

So all should be well again. Please let me know if you receive any warnings when trying to visit the site.

A Happier You

In our February issue of the Conscious Kernels eNewsletter, we featured an excerpt from Eckhart Tolle about being a happier you. He had 10 pointers. What did you think of them?

He equates alot of unhappiness is caused by not being in the present moment. By comparing the past with now or the future with now instead of just living in the now.

In Spirit, there is only the now. So if you live in Spirit, then you are living in the Now, and if you are living in the Now, you can experience a Happier You -- according to Tolle.

Share you thoughts.