Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Idea of the Month

This month in the newsletter and on the website we are talking about FEAR! Maybe I should have saved that topic for the month that contains Halloween!

What are you afraid of? What are you fearful of? Fear is our most constant companion as far as feelings go. It is the most common and the most influential. Practically everything we do or don't do has associated with it any fearful consequences we can think of.

But if you break fear down into its most basic element, fear is only one thing: the belief in the absolute certainty that we are separate and apart from our good.

I'm over here and my good (safety, money, health, relationship, love, happiness, God) is over there, somewhere else.

This could not be further from the Truth. But we believe it anyway.

Think of an example of what you are fearful of and see if it ultimately leads to you believing that you do not have your good, or you are not with your good, or that you can be separate from your good (your good taken away from you). It ends up with that belief.

Now, how do you reduce any fear? Start reaffirming the Truth. You are your good are one. You cannot be separated from it. You cannot be separate of it.

I did not say this was easy. But it is simple when you think about it.

Share your fears. Then turn it around and think of an affirming Truth that will remove the fear or at least make it smaller and weaker.

Until next time,