Monday, July 16, 2007

Do You Like Cash?

Then you better get your prosperity consciousness in order! We have a great new book available on our website called "Creating Enormous Wealth and Prosperity -- The Easy Way!" This ebook and audiobook will jump-start your way to right-thinking about what wealth is, what prosperity is, and how the Universe and Spiritual principles figure into it.

Just look around you. Nature is lavish. Nature is extravagant. A dandelion does not produce one or two seeds. It produces hundreds. Trees produce thousands of seed pods. The Universe has an infinite number of stars. We can have as much of that limitless abundance as we choose. But we have to believe it and let go of old limiting beliefs that stiffle that flow.

Get this audiobook or ebook and you will begin to open up the gates to this incredible abundance. This ebook/audiobook will show you how to start thinking about this area of your life. Everyone can use a greating understanding of prosperity.

And this is one of those areas where you can see definitive results. Do you have more incoming flow than in the past? Is your paycheck bigger? Is there more money in the bank? Do you have more to invest? Do you feel like you can afford more? Are you doing what you want to do when you want to? (And sometimes actual money is not involved.) Get solid, concrete proof that building your prosperity consciousness works.

Check out this powerful new ebook and audiobook today!

Oh, and the author, Jane Abram, will be joining us for a "Meet the Author" teleseminar coming up soon. Think of it as a virtual book signing. It will be free, so please join us to hear what insights Jane will have to share with us. Date to be determined, but probably early August.

To learn more about this ebook and audiobook, click here:
Creating Enormous Wealth and Prosperity -- The Easy Way!

And check back at the website for the exact date of Jane's "Meet the Author" teleseminar.