Friday, March 5, 2010

Read an E-Book Week coming up!

Participate next week in "Read an E-Book Week" by purchasing one or more Conscious Kernels ebooks! Go to

Yes, a shameless plug! But I couldn't help myself when I saw the Darwin picture promo. E-books ARE the natural evolution of books. They are environmentally conscious too. Yes, it takes electricity from some power source to access and read ebooks, but think of all the resources used to print, bind, distribute, display and visit bookstores to buy paper books. No contest.

This National Week announcement also give me the opportunity to announce that several Conscious Kernels titles are now available in new formats. If you have an iPhone, PalmPilot, Sony e-Book Reader, or another eBook Reader device, you will thrilled to know that you can now get the perfect file format for those readers at the Conscious Kernels store at That's right! Epub format. LRF format. PBD format. Mobi format.

And to honor Read an E-book Week, you can get these titles at 25% for the duration of that week. Just plug in the coupon code "RAE25" when you buy on smashwords. Note: this offer is only good at the Conscious Kernels Smashwords store and only March 7 - 13, 2010. So go buy a Conscious Kernels ebook and then read it!

Have fun!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Idea of the Month

So is the Law of Reciprocity (which we discuss in the newsletter and as the Idea of the Month) harsh? Is it tough love? Is it payback?

A law is a law. Do we say that the law of gravity is hard on us? Yes, if you jump off a 10-story building. No, if you do not want to float off into space. In other words, it is our use of a law that makes it good or bad for us. The law just works, at all times in all places.

And laws are here to work for us. The Law of Attraction. The Law of Reciprocity. The Law of Compensation. They are mathematically precise and work the same way for everyone. Laws do not pick and choose when to work or for whom to work.

Do you believe these laws exist? Share your thoughts.

Until next time,