Saturday, December 1, 2007

2008 Electronic Pop Up Calendars

I am so excited to be offering 2 electronic daily pop up calendars for this coming year.

We will have our perennial favorite: the Daily Affirmation Calendar -- available very soon.
And new for this year a Daily Quotations Calendar. This calendar contains profound and life-changing quotes from the great minds who pioneered and founded the New Thought movement.
Such as Ernest Holmes, Thomas Troward, Wallace Wattles, and Nona Brooks.

But here's the great thing about the new Quotes Calendar. It features photos of my two cats, Thelma and Louise!

Move over Geena Davis and Susan Sarandan! There's a new Thelma and Louise duo on the scene!

I live with two stars, two Divas, soon to become international sensations and world-reknown personalities.

Here are my babies:

Thelma is on the far left.

They are just a hoot as any cat owner will tell you. Louise actually sits still for her portraits better than Thelma. Thelma is not very camera-aware!

They are sisters. Litter-mates, who, as little kittens, were inseparable, so I took them both. There was a third kitten in their litter, a boy, and he was adopted by someone else. Unfortunately, he died a short time later. They did not have a close bond with their brother. But wherever one girl was, the other was sure to be around and vice versa.
They still get along well for being stuck with each other for 14 years!
So with the release of the 2008 Quotes & Cats Calendar, they are bound to become media darlings and then there really won't be any living with them!
More than 15 photos were used in the creation of the calendar. You should check them out!
Here's to a great, Catty 2008!

December Idea of the Month

I've asked for comments and thoughts on this month's Idea of the Month, as well as the feature article in the monthly Conscious Kernels eNewsletter.
(if you would like to sign up for the free monthly newsetter, click here.)

The subject: Materialism in this season of holiday gift giving. Also giving and receiving. I personally have never seen so many ads for sales etc. as I have seen this year. At least they waited until Thanksgiving for the onslaught. There is nothing worse than seeing Christmas stuff before Halloween.

So if you have read my Idea of the Month or the featured article, you will know that I put forth the argument that there is no such thing as what we call "Materialism" and its negative connotations.

If you look at things from a spiritual perspective, there is only the One. The one includes everything, including what we call material possessions. Material things are only the physical manifestation of spiritual ideas, thoughts, consciousness.

So if we stay in that mindset of spiritual vs. material, we are not understanding the very nature of God, Spirit, the Universe or how it works.

To say that these two concepts are opposed to each other is to not know the nature of Spirit. Spirit must express as physical things.

But enough from me. You know where Ernest Holmes and I stand.

What do you think? Respond to this post.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taking time is no luxury

Many people believe taking time to just sit and think is a luxury they cannot afford to take. Everybody is so busy doing and going, that to actually have them take some time to stop and think about all the doing and going does not even occur to them.

"The unexamined life is not worth living" is the famous quote. Taking the time to think about where your life is, is not a luxury. If you don't take time to think about where your life is, you will have no control over where it is going. And before you know it, years will have gone by.

I am taking some time right now to think about the direction I want Conscious Kernels to take in 2008. I am setting my priorities. I am setting my goals. I have several lists of where I would like to see Conscious Kernels move in the coming year. Will I get to all of them? I'm not sure. But I have a road map, and I am setting out on the journey, and I know where I am going.
(The Law of the Universe likes definite-ness!!)

Taking time for your spiritual growth is no different. Where are you going with your personal connection to spirit? Are you drifting around? Take the time to figure out what spiritual growth looks like to you. Are you getting there? Have you really started the journey? Ask for Divine Guidance.

Before I started writing down the goals for Conscious Kernels in 2008, I took the time to quiet myself, connect with Spirit in treatment and asked for Divine Guidance and the understanding to see that Divine Guidance in my life. I did not want to unknowingly miss it!! I want to make sure I recognize Divine Guidance when it happens.

Taking time can be a few minutes in a day. It can be a week-end. It can be a week. The actual length does not matter. It is the quality of the time taken.

"Be still and know that ye are Gods."

Until next time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Making room for the new by letting go of the old

Everyone says they want change in their lives, they want new, they want different.

Yet at the same time, they are really afraid of change. They are anxious about the different. They feel uneasy with the new.

If you truly want something new, you must first make peace with the old and release it. Otherwise, the Universe will keep you in the same place because you are giving it two messages: wanting the new, keeping the old.

Recently, my dear beloved car of 14 years (!) was hitting its last stride. For nearly 160,000 miles, we traveled together. It was zippy, peppy, pretty, and fun. But now it required repairs that cost more than the car was worth. The time had come. I always knew this day would come, especially in the last year or so, as more and more things started to go wrong.

Its last visit to the shop spelled the end. Driving this car could prove dangerous without certain repairs. I had to get a new car. It was a Friday. I was going to go serious car shopping the next day. That evening, I went into the garage. I looked at my sad, rusting, old, broken car. I put my hand on its hood. With some emotion, I have to admit, I talked to my car. I said thank you for being such a great car, for all the trips we took, for all the rain and snow it shielded me from, for all the summer days we ran with the sunroof open and the windows down. I told my car that there was someone better than me to take care of it now. It was beyond my scope of car ownership.

I was saying my goodbyes. I was making my peace with this thing. I was mentally and emotionally letting it go.

And, instinctively, I knew I had to do this, I had to clear this, if I was ever to find its replacement. I had to finish the chapter. I had to end this story. I had to do this to ensure that the activity of finding a new car would go smoothly and joyously.

Otherwise, resistance would kick in and I would be driving a car that was destined to become dangerous at any moment. You must let go of the old in order to make room for the new.

And do the letting go joyously! Know that the thing you are letting go of will be in its right place.

So to finish my car story. The next morning I got up and did not fret about getting another car. I cleaned the house and had a wonderful lunch. In the early afternoon, I got on line and looked up some cars. I called 4 or 5 dealers. The fifth one had the exact year, model and color of car that I wanted. The bonus was it had really low mileage and the asking price was right (and it could only go down from there). It was in the late afternoon by now and the dealership was closing in an hour. I thought to myself, well its too late today. I'll go Monday night when they are open later.

Then I stopped myself. It was a tiny bit of resistance and fear of the new that made me think that. I told myself, I had dealt with any resistance. I was to get over to that dealership now.

I got to the dealership 15 minutes before they closed. I test drove the car. I negotiated the price and they even offered a good trade-in price for my old baby. Two hours later, I was driving off the lot with a new car, new license plates, all my stuff transfered from the old car to the new.

It was truly amazing. Truly a spirit-driven (pardon the pun) experience. It all worked out so perfectly. And I know it was because I had mentally cleared the way for the new. I thanked the old and opened myself to the new.

If you truly want new in your life, you must do the same.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Blessed Event

The other day, I received a small pamphlet from Catherine Ponder's ministry talking about blessing. The idea was to start blessing the things you have been condemning. So, for instance, if you have been complaining about your job or your boss, start blessing them. And then wait to see what happens and how things improve.

I thought this was a great exercise and maybe something I needed to do in my life right now (after all, there had to be a reason I received this -- as there are no accidents!). So I set aside some time the next morning and began blessing everything in my life I could think of. One of the things I blessed was my house and everything about it. The furniture, the plumbing, the heating and air conditioning, the electricity, the windows, everything.

So I was excited and looking forward to what all this blessing did. Here's what happened. That very night, for the first time in 3 years, the electricity went out! And due to storms in the area, my electricity has gone out 3 more times in the last 24 hours. So much for my blessings!!

But, seriously, what does this mean? I truly said my blessing with feeling. It was not just some rote exercise. I truly felt grateful for everything in and connected with my house.

Then last night, another huge storm blew through as I was riding home on the train. I heard people talking on their cell phones about tornados, electricity going out, trees down, flooding. All the way home I said my blessing -- but differently this time!! I said "I am blessed." "My car is blessed." (which was parked on the street surrounded by trees). "My home is blessed." I said this to myself over and over. When I got off the train, the town was deserted. The power was out, the streets where flooding. Many tree branches had fallen to the ground. An electical wire had been snapped by a fallen tree. One side street was roped off and impassible. I kept walking the 4 blocks to my car, wondering what I would find there. I waded through ankle deep water in a low spot in the road. I turned the corner and found my car. PERFECTLY FINE!! There were tree branches all around it, but nothing had hit my car. It was blessed!

Then I drove through the darkened streets to my home. The power was on in our little neighborhood and the streets were not flooded. I got into the house and everything was fine. My home was blessed!

Do you see the difference between the two experiences? I have made a distinction. The first time, I was doing the blessing. I was bestowing my blessing on things and people as if I were some exaulted leader. (Read ego -- even though I did not realize it at the time). The second time I was declaring that things and people are blessed. Blessed by Source, blessed by God, blessed by Spirit. Remember, as Jesus said, "I of myself can do nothing, It is the Father within that doeth the work." So really I cannot bless anything in that way. I can have good will toward someone or something. I can stop condemn things, circumstances and people. But I will not be blessing people or things from now on.

I will declare and affirm that I am blessed and people are blessed and things are blessed. Not by me but by the infinite Love and Givingness of Spirit.

That is my blessed event.

Monday, August 20, 2007

New (old) inspirational book

I just have to share with you the latest book I've read and that is now available at It is called "In Tune with the Infinite" and it was new to me, but written in 1897! So new-old. I have to say that this is one of the most profound New Thought/Metaphysical books I have ever read, and I am so happy to share it with you. It is even more astounding to me to know when it was written -- 110 years ago. It is so insightful and uplifting and amazing. While reading and after reading it, I guarantee you will feel you have "touched the hem". It is a bit hard to describe, but you will feel more connected, more in touch, more conscious, more aware of and with the "Big Picture." Truly an incredible work. Not to be missed.

What I like even more about this book is that it is both practical and esoteric. Get something useful in your day-to-day living and be spiritually uplifted too. I am truly grateful I found this book. I intend to read it again and again.

Maybe once lost in the shuffle and forgotten, this book truly has staying power. It is just, if not more, relevant today as it was when it was written. Ralph Waldo Trine, the author, was truly ahead of his time. Whether he realized it or not at the time, he is one of the great Truth teachers.

I urge you to get this book and let it change your life!

Until next time...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Do You Like Cash?

Then you better get your prosperity consciousness in order! We have a great new book available on our website called "Creating Enormous Wealth and Prosperity -- The Easy Way!" This ebook and audiobook will jump-start your way to right-thinking about what wealth is, what prosperity is, and how the Universe and Spiritual principles figure into it.

Just look around you. Nature is lavish. Nature is extravagant. A dandelion does not produce one or two seeds. It produces hundreds. Trees produce thousands of seed pods. The Universe has an infinite number of stars. We can have as much of that limitless abundance as we choose. But we have to believe it and let go of old limiting beliefs that stiffle that flow.

Get this audiobook or ebook and you will begin to open up the gates to this incredible abundance. This ebook/audiobook will show you how to start thinking about this area of your life. Everyone can use a greating understanding of prosperity.

And this is one of those areas where you can see definitive results. Do you have more incoming flow than in the past? Is your paycheck bigger? Is there more money in the bank? Do you have more to invest? Do you feel like you can afford more? Are you doing what you want to do when you want to? (And sometimes actual money is not involved.) Get solid, concrete proof that building your prosperity consciousness works.

Check out this powerful new ebook and audiobook today!

Oh, and the author, Jane Abram, will be joining us for a "Meet the Author" teleseminar coming up soon. Think of it as a virtual book signing. It will be free, so please join us to hear what insights Jane will have to share with us. Date to be determined, but probably early August.

To learn more about this ebook and audiobook, click here:
Creating Enormous Wealth and Prosperity -- The Easy Way!

And check back at the website for the exact date of Jane's "Meet the Author" teleseminar.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New Teleseminars and Online Classes

Exciting happenings going on at Conscious Kernels. We have introduced and added teleseminars and online classes to our line-up. Teleseminars are phone-in seminars. There is a speaker or discussion leader and the audience. You call in on a regular phone line and can participate in the discussion, question and answer session, etc.
On-line classes work the same way.

Our introductory teleseminar is coming up on June 5 and is FREE! We will have a "Meet the Author" teleseminar with our lastest author, Jennifer Weggeman, author of "A Month of Sundays, Vol. 1" ebook and audiobook. A Month of Sundays is a collection of 30 inspirational affirmations. Each about a page long, these were written when Jennifer went into her Akashic Records. Fascinating stuff! She wrote these down as she read her Records. You can learn all about that at the Meet the Author session.

But you have to sign up now as space is limited. Just go to the website page or go to the home page at and click on the Teleseminar link at the top of the left hand column. You can get the details of our first seminar there. We also have a further explanation of teleseminars and how you can benefit.

This is a very exciting and new way for you to explore your personal spiritual growth. I know a number of people do not live anywhere near a New Thought church or group. So we can become your local group via the telephone!

We also want ideas for future online classes and teleseminars, so if you get on any one of our mailing lists (customer, newsletter, free book, ecourse, teleseminar sign up), we will be sending you a survey to see what people want to learn, what people want a greater understanding of, what people need to feel more fulfilled. We want to help people with their challenges. So hopefully the survey will go out soon after the first teleseminar and that will be the impetus of many more to come. All for your personal spiritual growth.

Until next time,

Friday, March 9, 2007

"The Secret" Backlash

Did anyone catch another "Secret" show on Larry King last night? This time the people who appeared in the "Secret" had to defend themselves and the movie against pop psychologists and the like. I missed the first 15 minutes so I stayed up to catch the re-airing 3 hours later and after I saw what I had missed the first time, I turned off the show. I just could not take it. I could not stand to hear one more word about the "Secret" or its nay-sayers. I'm so sick of the Secret, but not for the reason you might think.

Just for clarity, the Secret was no secret to me. I've been a Religious Scientist for over 8 years. That teaching encompasses all the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, not just the Law of Attraction. What I am so sick about is the secularizing (if that is a word, if not I just made it up) of Spiritual Principles into drugstore remedies. The people who criticize this one explanation of one Universal Law, are not considering its complex nature as a Spiritual Law. They take a few phrases at face value and say "positive-thinking" is dangerous to be solely relied upon. And "to tell people all they have to do is think about something and they get it is living in a fool's paradise."

Science of Mind and New Thought cannot be reduced to Positive Thinking. That is so secular. And the "experts" on the Secret who reduce everything to energy vibration and brain waves are doing a great disservice to this knowledge of Spiritual Laws too.

Something "new" (although this teaching has been formally around for 80-some years; 2000 years if you count the true teachings of Jesus) is bound to be resisted, as some of the Larry King guests said last night. So I quess we will see how this all shakes out. The vast majority of humankind has not been ready for this revelation, otherwise Religious Science would not be classified as a "cult" by some unenlightened text books. Are they ready now? Not if they reduce a spiritual practice and principles to mundane, pedestrian ideas of "pie-in-the-sky" thinking.

But for those who felt something ring true in any of the information presented in the Secret, there are organizations that you can go to to learn more, to get more than just a Readers Digest version. New Thought centers and churches. That includes, Unity, Divine Science, and Religious Science.

Go get the real deal from one of these places and take yourself out of the pointless rhetoric that now seems to be the new legacy of the Secret.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Line of Products!

I've been so busy working on the secret surprise, that I haven't had time to post any additional clues.

So without further ado, I am here to announce to launch of a new line at Conscious Kernels. The HERITAGE LINE of ebooks. What is the Heritage Line? It is and will be a growing list of a hard-to-find and out-of-print books written by the pioneers and early leaders of the New Thought Movement. That's right, we have Ernest Holmes's two early, early works: Creative Mind and Creative Mind and Success. These are the precursers to his master tome: The Science of Mind, on which Religious Science was founded. We also have an early work by Thomas Troward, a great influencer of Ernest Holmes, and the man credited with starting the branch of philosophy called Mental Science. And last of our introductory list we have The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. This is the book that turned the life around of the producer of the movie/DVD "The Secret" that has been explored on Oprah a number of times in the last two weeks. This gem of a book will get you on the road to prosperity.

We will keep adding to this list of Heritage books as we pay tribute to where we have come from to see where we are going. These four books were all written between 1910 and 1919!!! Let's see how far we have come or NOT! Let's pay homage to the groundbreakers and original Thinkers that have helped us to understand Spiritual Principles to use in our daily lives.

You can see the list at
We will be adding more in the near future, so start adding these incredible books to your metaphysical library. These are all MUST-READS!!!

Until next time.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New stuff coming

Oh how I love to pique interest by being mysterious!!!

We are hard a work on a new line of products to be revealed by the end of the month. Again, with your personal spiritual growth in mind, we KNOW you will love this line-up. And it will most definitely become a part of your spiritual growth library.

I'm going to keep it a secret until the actual unveiling. We will probably be offering an introductory discount as well, so get ready!!

Stay tuned for more clues!

Conscious Kernels Discussion Board

It pains me to have to do this, but I had to make the decision to lock the entire Conscious Kernels Discussion Board at our website

Why? Because it was getting abused by posters using a discussion board about spiritual ideas and topics to make links to porn sites. It was taking up way too much of our Moderator's time to remove these posts and try to block their IP addresses from further posts. It became a major time-consumer and time-waster. So for the time being, no one can post to any forums. You can still read them, but no new posts. So after a major onslaught of these postings, I have decided no more postings at least for awhile.

Just ridiculous. And honestly, if these people had any sense of marketing, they would go around posting to an audience that would never use their links. There are plenty of other places these people can and should go. LEAVE US ALONE!

I won't comment on the sickness and depravity of these people in general, but just let them go find more suitable grounds for their activity. I will revisit this decision in a few months and see if they have moved on.

As with many things, a few idiots spoil it for everyone.

In the meantime, you can make comments here. Here at the blog, I get to screen comments BEFORE they get posted. We can't really do that at the discussion board until after the fact. So I welcome legitimate comments, questions, ideas, suggestions here at the blog. I might be able to put them on the discussion board in addition to here, time permitting.

Until next time.

Friday, January 19, 2007


There has been alot of buzz about Visioning.

What is Visioning? It is a practice of getting in touch with your Higher Self, Spirit, Intention, whatever you want to call it to bring about change in your life, set goals, move forward, advance in some area of your life.

Being the start of a new year, I recently attended a Visioning Workshop to set my intentions for 2007. I had never done a Visioning session, but according to the facilitator, Michael Beckwith used Visioning to go from a 20 member church to one of 10,000. Those kinds of numbers get your attention, so I decided to see what this Visioning thing was all about.

Well, I don't know if it was just me and I did not understand the point, or I was lead in a direction that to me seem off-Principle (Science of Mind principles) but part of this Visioning exercise just did not work for me.

First we were lead in a guided meditation to get in touch with Spirit. The workshop leader used the term "soul". After that, we opened our eyes and answered a series of questions on a worksheet. The first being: what is Spirit's Highest Vision for my soul in this lifetime?

Was I being to literal when I read this question or does it see to imply fate and predeterimation? And using the term soul seems to imply a separation. Aren't we all trying to get to the place in our personal spiritual growth where we can say, like Jesus, "I and the Father are one"?

Spirit, as in Universal Mind, Divine Mind, Creative Power, has no vision for me. It has ALL visions for me. It is the unlimited potentiality. It is the undifferentiated substance. It is all possibilities. It is me as an individualization of this all encompassing potentiality that makes it specialize. As Ernest Holmes has written, Spirit has no particular plan for anyone. That is what makes us individuals. That is what makes us Conscious beings.

And then to bring in the soul concept. Soul is my subconscious connection to the All. It is the collective unconscious, my direct tap-in to omnipresent Universal Law.
And Law is waiting to be consciously directed by me. Otherwise, it works on the Law of Averages if I do not consciously direct it.

Other questions on this worksheet continue in the same vein: Spirit's Highest Vision for my soul in 2012, in 2010, in 2007. We were supposed to write down anything that came into our minds whether that be words, images, sounds, smells, etc.

I had a few images and feelings, but not much came through. That makes perfect sense if you take into account my belief that there is nothing but unlimited potentiality for me. I am not being told by Spirit what I should be.

As we shared some of what we wrote down among the group, I could tell that some people really got into it and did get in touch with their inner self. Others I could tell were just regurgitating what their intellect and ego told them to write down. They had invested alot of something in a particular direction they wanted their lives to go in, and they were determined to convince themselves that this is what Spirit wanted for them too.

The second part of the workshop was goal-setting. For some reason, I got alot more out of this part of the workshop than the first half. This was bringing our human intellect into the equation. Nothing wrong with that. Our intellect has its place. What I liked about this exercise is that it let me think long-term and medium-term. It was almost a luxury to actually sit down and allow myself to think about these goals. Most of us do not give ourselves the time to do this. We just plod along and see what happens. And then deal with what happens. A very reactionary way to live.
Well, I rather be pro-active, and this gave me a wonderful opportunity to do that. Things actually came out of my pen that I have no idea where they came from. Maybe this was Spirit starting to individualize as me and my actions.

What was spiritual about the goal writing session was to think about what I would have to BECOME to make those goals come about -- not necessarily what I would have to DO. Big difference. Personal spiritual growth is all about what we are becoming.

Self-contemplation, which is how Spirit creates everything (read Thomas Troward's books), is also how we create our experiences. I have to think about myself in a certain way, or I won't believe certain things are possible. And belief is THE critical factor in creation.

To reach my goals, I have to see myself as more. More intelligent, more spiritual, more communicative, more prosperous, etc.

This is what I got of my first Visioning Session. Probably not what other people got out of it. Call me a purist. The Law does not care what it creates for me. It is my servant. Spirit only wants me to have my good. Whatever I choose it to be. So to ask Spirit what it wants me to do, goes completely against that.

Now, yes, there is Divine Guidance. That is your inner wisdom. Because deep down, you do know what to do, if you just become still and turn off the noise of the world, community, family, friends, and your own ego. This is what we need to tap into in a true Visioning practice.

Until next time,
Peace, be still.