Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taking time is no luxury

Many people believe taking time to just sit and think is a luxury they cannot afford to take. Everybody is so busy doing and going, that to actually have them take some time to stop and think about all the doing and going does not even occur to them.

"The unexamined life is not worth living" is the famous quote. Taking the time to think about where your life is, is not a luxury. If you don't take time to think about where your life is, you will have no control over where it is going. And before you know it, years will have gone by.

I am taking some time right now to think about the direction I want Conscious Kernels to take in 2008. I am setting my priorities. I am setting my goals. I have several lists of where I would like to see Conscious Kernels move in the coming year. Will I get to all of them? I'm not sure. But I have a road map, and I am setting out on the journey, and I know where I am going.
(The Law of the Universe likes definite-ness!!)

Taking time for your spiritual growth is no different. Where are you going with your personal connection to spirit? Are you drifting around? Take the time to figure out what spiritual growth looks like to you. Are you getting there? Have you really started the journey? Ask for Divine Guidance.

Before I started writing down the goals for Conscious Kernels in 2008, I took the time to quiet myself, connect with Spirit in treatment and asked for Divine Guidance and the understanding to see that Divine Guidance in my life. I did not want to unknowingly miss it!! I want to make sure I recognize Divine Guidance when it happens.

Taking time can be a few minutes in a day. It can be a week-end. It can be a week. The actual length does not matter. It is the quality of the time taken.

"Be still and know that ye are Gods."

Until next time.

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