Friday, July 10, 2009

July Idea of the Month and Feature Article

July, for the Idea of the Month, we discussed freedom and independence in conjunction with the US holiday of the Fourth of July (Independence Day). We are all free because we can think whatever we want to think. But are we at all independent? Independent of the limited and negative self-talk of race-thought? Most likely not! This is what we should declare on Independence Day -- our independence from judging by appearances, from going along with what most people think, from duality thinking of good and bad.

July's feature article is about doing our mental work -- treatment (or prayer) and then letting go and letting the Law do the work. Sometimes it is the most difficult thing to do -- letting go, not trying to control everything. Part of proper treatment work is saying your word, declaring your good and then letting Spiritual Law do the work. We try to manipulate conditions, we try to control other people. That is not how true creative manifesting happens.

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