Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Idea of the Month

We continue our discussion of what to do when disaster strikes, what to do when we face a crisis, problems or challenges.

As we move through the experience, and eventually we will move through it, we can use it as an opportunity to grow in Spirit.

In dire situations, we may have nowhere else to turn but God. But that is the best place to turn no matter the severity of the situation.

Who or what better to deal with our challenges than Infinite Intelligence, Divine Wisdom, and Perfect Love and Harmony?

If we can have faith in this Intelligence and Wisdom, if we can turn the solutions over to God, we will be happy and satisfied with the resolution.

But can we stop thinking about the problem and rely on God for the solution? Or will we try to figure it all out, meddle with the perfect working of the Law?

Secure the end through Spiritual Mind Treatment and let the Law and God carry it out.

Until next time,