Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our leaders reflect our group consciousness

Regardless of political affiliation, the election of Barack Obama reflects the group consciousness of American voters. Where are we going as a people? Look at what Barack Obama is and represents and where his policy positions stand to answer that question.

First, he is of mixed race. A physical reminder that we are moving beyond one race vs. another. As all the newscasts during the election kept bringing up the fact that he would be the first African-American president, I kept realizing in myself that I never thought of him that way. I saw a man. That's all. A man. A smart man. I wanted to know what this man would do for this country and this planet.

So badly in need are we of intelligent, humane, logical, practical, forward-thinking leadership, I wanted to find out how he would lead us. I saw in him a person who thinks like I do on so many of the issues facing us.

He represents respect for this planet in his positions on renewable energy, environmental protections and global warming. He represents respect for the common man trying to live a life of dignity and prosperity and providing for his or her family. He represents scientific advancement for the betterment of life. He represents decency and transparency in the workings of a government that is supposed to be: of, by and for the People. (The "for" part has been sadly lacking.)

What his election really says is that we, the People, are finally starting to recognize our own respect of this planet and its people. We are starting to recognize our own power and our own responsibilities. This is a great step forward in the Consciousness of America as we become again a beacon of hope and great stewardship for the World.

Listen to his words in a spiritual context. He mentions Unity alot. He talks about us coming together as a people. He talks about making the world a better place. He talks about the future for posterity.

I don't know what the George Bush years said about our collective consciousness (I never voted for him), but we can call it a dissipative structure eventually leading to the good. A dissipative structure, which my spiritual teacher taught me, is when everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, a breaking down of the old, so that a better new can be built up. Sometimes you have to go through a dissipative structure to come out the other side, stronger, smarter, with more understanding, and a higher consciousness.

If things had not gotten so bad, we would not, as a collective group, noticed. We would not have gotten up and done something. We would not have organized and mobilized and made our voices heard.

We want to be heard and with the election of a man like Barack Obama, our consciousness has created a new experience where we are heard. Our leaders hear us and are doing something about it. What a refreshing change.

I feel this is a turning point in America. What has happened to our country in the last 20-30 years? Yes, it goes back that far, at least for me.

I see the connection between everything. One thing truly affects everything else. We do not live in a vacuum. Nature is not a vacuum. Our issues must be solved from that stand point. And things will change faster and easier when we see the interconnection of everything.

This has become an open letter to the President-Elect. Approach everything from a sense and spirit of Unity and you will succeed. We will succeed. Together.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Everyday Faith and the Joy of Gratitude

For November, our idea of the month is the Joy of Gratitude. With Thanksgiving being celebrated in the United States, it is an appropriate and timely topic. Do you experience joy when you are giving thanks? What feelings do you associate with gratitude. Feeling joy in the midst of being thankful takes your thanksgiving to a whole new level.

How can we raise our thanksgiving to joyous levels? Post your comments.

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Peace and blessings to all.

Until next time.