Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Idea of the Month

This month in the newsletter we are talking about "Holy Days". (Appropriate for the "Holidays", right?)

The traditions and rituals of this time of year are the ways humans made an attempt to express Spirit and the universal principle of Love (the unconditional givingness of Spirit to Itself). When these traditions and rituals were developed, people didn't know they were making an unconscious (consciously unaware) connection to the principle of Love. 

But now that the human race has become more enlightened, more consciously aware of its Spiritual Nature, we can consciously recognize our connection to Spirit and its principles and laws.

So when we are giving thanks at Thanksgiving, we are really thanking the Source of all things in our lives. When we are giving gifts to family and friends, we are really trying to express the unconditional givingness of God. When we gather with loved ones and sing and eat and share time, we are really acting as conduits of the Joy and Love of Spirit.

That is what makes these days "Holy Days." Let's keep that in mind. Let's keep them Holy throughout this season and on all days.

I wish you the Happiest of Holy Days!

Until next time,

Saturday, November 10, 2012

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Idea of the Month

This month we are talking about breaking habitual, destructive cycles or patterns of experience.

We have all had the experience of the same thing happening over and over to us. The same problems in various relationships. The same problems at different jobs. The same problems with money and paying bills.

Why does that happen?

The patterns of these problems are in our subconscious, and they repeat over and over because that's whats in there! The subconscious has no volition of its own. It cannot have a new thought to change these patterns. It just continues what it knows over and over. It is up to us to CONSCIOUSLY to break those cycles. It is up to us to recognize harmful patterns and put a stop to them.

We do that by refusing to continue to think and behave in the same familiar pattern. We stop the escalation of a fight. We stop the rehashing of an issue over and over. We refuse to give a habitual pattern the energy to perpetuate itself.

It may not be easy to stop a life-long pattern that is deeply engrained in our subconscious. That's why habits are hard to break. But the only way it will ever happen is to become conscious of them. Stop them in the moment to the best of your ability and little by little, you will be changing your subconscious and giving it a new pattern to establish. One you actually want!

Share your comments and thoughts.

Until next time, Namaste

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Idea of the Month

This month, we are continuing the logical progression forward from Troward's Great Affirmation "I Am." that I introduced last month.

We all know how powerful the "I am" affirmation is and can be. But Troward also expands on this idea. How do we use the "I am"? How to we make it effective in our lives? After all, that is the point of living. To live effectively, lovingly, productively.

Troward, being the ever-logical thinker that he is, gave us his effective sequence (beginning with the I am of course): "I am therefore I can therefore I will." 

What does this sequence do for us? It starts with the all-powerful, limitless beingness that we are (I am). Then it moves our consciousness into having the capabilities and capacity of this limitless beingness (I can). Then it goes into the ability and desire to act and live in that limitless beingness (I will). It gives the power and intelligence of Spirit a channel in which to move and be directed through and by us. 

He also includes the sequence in reverse: "I will because I can because I am". Again acting and moving in the direction of your desires (I will) with complete faith of succeeding because you have the capabilities to do so (I can) because it all stems from your inherent spiritual nature (I am).

What spiritual power this brings to any situation. You have all of Spirit at the core of you to live a successful life. 

Try it! Share your thoughts and experiences here.

Until next time,

Monday, September 3, 2012

Visit us at TheosoFEST 2012

Visit our booth at TheosoFEST 2012 this Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012 from 10am to 5pm. We will be offering some of our products as well as Metaphysical Rune Stone Castings based on the Conscious Kernels book, "The Metaphysical Power of the Runes."

The Fest is at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton IL. If you live in the are, stop by. Free admission. Parking $5—No charge for those driving hybrid cars or riding bicycles!


Hope to see you there! Tell them you saw it on the Conscious Kernels blog!

September Idea of the Month

This month we discuss the Greatest Affirmation.

Thomas Troward says the Great Affirmation is "I Am." Just "I Am." With no qualifiers, no descriptors, no limitations. To Troward, even good, positive, wonderful words placed after "I am" is limiting. And we should not place limits on ourselves.

That's pretty hard-line. Using positive affirmations such as "I am health." "I am prosperous." and "I am happy." are good, positive affirmations and we should use them. A lot of good comes from using affirmations on a daily basis. Affirmations can be an important part of a spiritual practice.

But I think Troward is also saying to us, challenging us to go even more to Source, to go even closer to First Cause and just say "I Am".

God told Moses to tell the people the name of God is "I Am That I Am" when they ask what is God's name. "I Am That I Am" sounds to me like the Great Affirmation made Infinite. "I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am" etc. to infinity. God is Infinite Intelligence. God is Infinite Wisdom, Light, Goodness, Joy. You name it.

So we can get closer to that infinite, limitless Source that is God when we do a spiritual practice of just saying "I Am."

Try a meditation or mantra of "I Am" the next time you meditate or do your other affirmations. See what happens to broaden your perception of yourself.

Until next time,

More Thoughts About Thelma

It's been a month and a half since my beloved cat Thelma made her transition. My feelings of missing her come and go in waves.

I gave her unopened food and litter and toys to a friend with a cat. I donated her unused medicines to the vet clinic so that some other cat may benefit from them for free. I dropped off a few things at a cat shelter.

I washed out her food and water bowls and put them away. Saving them for another cat I hope to have one day, some day, in the future, in awhile, but not now.

Thelma had been having health challenges for the last 8 months, but the Life Force within her was so strong, she always bounced back after each episode or event. I marveled at the power of this Life Force, how life just wants to keep on living.

The end came fairly quickly. She hadn't been eating for about 5 or 6 days and then she got jaundiced very fast over the course of 24 hours. Her liver was failing and she was done. She was 19 years and 2 months, and I hope she was pleased with her life with me.

Ernest Holmes says death is but the shaking off of one garment and the donning of a new one. There can be no death when the Life Principle pervades everything. The forms are ever-changing, but the Life Force cannot be destroyed. Energy cannot be destroyed; it just gets redistributed. Spirit is eternal, therefore, we all are eternal.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Thelma the Cat makes her transition

With a heavy heart, I must report that my beloved cat, Thelma, made her transition. Below are some pictures of my sweet girl. She live 19 years and 2 months.
Thelma has the greenest eyes in certain light.

She loved corn on the cob!

Sleeping in front of the fireplace

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Idea of the Month

July is associated with Independence Day here in the US. Ernest Holmes calls July the month of Freedom in his book "365 Science of Mind".

Freedom is not as elusive as you think. We all have the freedom to choose our own thoughts and think whatever we want to. That freedom can also be our bondage -- if we choose thoughts of limitation, lack, weakness, dis-ease and disharmony.

As we discuss in this month's feature article, to really enjoy our freedom, to have TRUE freedom, we must choose thoughts that align with Spirit, that align with TRUTH. When you know this Truth, the Truth will make you free.

It is not true freedom when we use our power of thought to think thoughts that hurt ourselves or others. What kind of freedom is that?

The Law of Liberty is to know that thought is the originating causative power. But it is a law, and laws always have mathematically accurate outcomes or consequences. You cannot think limitation and experience abundance. You cannot think conflict and experience peace. You cannot think hate and experience love. This liberty, as with all power, must be used constructively not destructively. That is its original intent.

It is your choice to do with it what you will.

Have a very Happy Independence Day!

Until next time,

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Idea of the Month

This month, in the free e-newsletter and the webpage Idea of the Month, we are talking about spiritual exercise. Idea of the Month page

When people hear the word "exercise" it usually conjures up ideas of "stuff you want to avoid" "something you don't like doing" "not fun" "takes up too much time" "don't have time for it". Need I come up with any more excuses?!!

Spiritual exercise is Spiritual practice. What you do not practice, you do not experience. You might say "I'm a spiritual person" or "I'd like to be more spiritual in my life." But what does that mean? What does that look like?

It means you actually have to do something. And that something is not necessarily a physical doing. Although some people find spiritual connection in doing Tai Chi or chanting.

Spiritual exercise is a mental discipline. It is taking the time to do Spiritual Mind Treatment or repeating affirmations or meditating or just being still.

But you must take the time. Can you find 20 minutes a day? How about 10 minutes a day? Any amount of time is better than no time.

Consciously set your intention for spiritual practice -- then just do it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Idea of the Month

This month we are talking about perfection. What is perfection? What does it look like? How and why do we judge something as "perfect" or "not perfect"?

Science of Mind teaching tells us we are all perfect, whole, and complete. Do you believe that? How close do you judge yourself to be to any of those attributes?

We must expand our concept of ourselves to believe that we are perfect, whole, and complete. We must recognize the Divine within to think of ourselves as Perfect. We must recognize the Unity within to think of ourselves as Whole. And we must recognize the Infinite within to think of ourselves as Complete.

What do you think of yourself? Share your thoughts below.

Until next time,

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Idea of the Month

This month we are talking about Divine Right Order.
What is that?

Divine Right Order is how the Universe works. It's how the Law works. Everything at the right time, in the right way, for the highest good of all concerned.

When we step out of that Order, we push, we force, we upset the perfect balance that letting the Law do its work creates for us.

We may not see things changing as we want them to or as fast as we want them to. We start getting impatient. We start doing things. We start trying to figure out what we could do to make things happen.

What we should be "doing" is changing our consciousness about the situation. We get clear on everything regarding this situation and then give it to the Law to let it do its harmonious and perfect work. We let Divine Right Order express in our world.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.
Until next time,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Idea of the Month

This month we are talking about fear and faith.  Fear is the antithesis of faith. Fear is anticipating something bad is going to happen. Fear is feeling that you will not be able to handle whatever comes your way.

The Faith we are talking about is the unquestioned belief in a principle and law of Good in this universe. A principle and law that we can direct and that responds to us and our faith in it.

In a universe that has this principle and law of good, there is no need to anticipate anything bad because it will never happen. If we stop anticipating the bad, then we have nothing to fear. Fear will dissolve into nothingness.

Are you living by a subconscious tendency toward fear? I know I have. And only by developing a stronger faith in the principle of Good, will that tendency be lessened.

It's not easy, but every step toward a greater and greater faith makes it possible.

Where do you have fear and where do you have faith?
Post your comments below.

Until next time,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Idea of the Month

This month, we are talking about "Putting God First." One way to do that is with the "Golden Key" created by Emmet Fox, a pioneer of the New Thought/Unity movement.

I tried the "Golden Key" recently (for the first time in a long while) and I demonstrated a resolution to a situation that I've been dealing with for 3 years! I started "Golden Key-ing" the situation and about 2 or 3 weeks later, the situation is gone, over, resolved.

Why did I live with this situation so long? (that's for another discussion at another time)

To "Golden Key" a troublesome person or situation, just stop thinking about that person or situation and think of God instead. Announce to the Universe that you are "now Golden Key-ing _______". Sit quietly, like in meditation, and instead of a mantra repeated over and over, turn your thoughts to God. Repeat in your mind everything you know about God: God is Divine Wisdom, God is the only Power, God is unconditional Love, God is everywhere present, etc.

Repeat those ideas in your mind like a mantra or stream of consciousness. When you are finished (and you can do this for as long as you like or as short as you like), do not start worrying or obsessing about the person or situation again. That will negate the Golden Key. Just go about your business, as Emmet Fox says, and let the Law (God) do the work. The next time you find yourself thinking of this person or situation, Golden Key him/it again.

What you are doing is channeling the power of your thought FROM your problem to the Source of the solution (God).

Try the Golden Key. You will be amazed at how beautifully and harmoniously it works. It worked for me. It will work for you.

Then share your powerful demonstration here with us!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to an opportunity for a new beginning.

Every January 1 is a wonderful way to remind ourselves that every moment can be a new beginning.  A new way to think, a new way to act, a new idea to believe. Take this opportunity to make a new beginning for yourself in some aspect of your life. We are always growing and learning and changing. This is our chance to consciously choose what we want to change, what we want to learn, or the direction in which we want to grow.

It is our God-given ability to consciously choose. As Troward says, we select and initiate a particular line of thought.

May that line of thought prosper you, heal you, delight you, and fulfill you!

Happy 2012!