Monday, July 2, 2012

July Idea of the Month

July is associated with Independence Day here in the US. Ernest Holmes calls July the month of Freedom in his book "365 Science of Mind".

Freedom is not as elusive as you think. We all have the freedom to choose our own thoughts and think whatever we want to. That freedom can also be our bondage -- if we choose thoughts of limitation, lack, weakness, dis-ease and disharmony.

As we discuss in this month's feature article, to really enjoy our freedom, to have TRUE freedom, we must choose thoughts that align with Spirit, that align with TRUTH. When you know this Truth, the Truth will make you free.

It is not true freedom when we use our power of thought to think thoughts that hurt ourselves or others. What kind of freedom is that?

The Law of Liberty is to know that thought is the originating causative power. But it is a law, and laws always have mathematically accurate outcomes or consequences. You cannot think limitation and experience abundance. You cannot think conflict and experience peace. You cannot think hate and experience love. This liberty, as with all power, must be used constructively not destructively. That is its original intent.

It is your choice to do with it what you will.

Have a very Happy Independence Day!

Until next time,

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