Monday, November 29, 2010

New book coming soon!

We are thrilled to announce a new title from Conscious Kernels coming soon: The Metaphysical Power of the Runes.

Are you familiar with the Runes? These ancient symbols first found carved on rocks around 150 A.D. are thought to be an alphabet of sorts and have been used more recently by New Age enthusiasts for divination purposes.

This exciting new book will show you the connection between casting Rune stones and getting in touch with the Indwelling Spirit. Through the insightful metaphysical, New Thought interpretations found only in this book, you can communicate with the Spirit within you. This new science is the first of its kind!

Find out what is going on with your subconscious mind; ask for guidance from Infinite Intelligence, all through the channel of the Runes. Empower your spoken affirmations with the assistance of the symbols of the Runes which can connect directly with your subconscious. Speak directly to your subjective mind through the use of runic symbols.

Author P.J. Caiden has taken his vast knowledge of the traditional Runes, his experience as a certified hypnotherapist, and his insights and understandings of New Thought principles to create a one-of-a-kind book designed to help readers in all areas of their lives.

This is a magnificent new tool for all of us to learn to use in our continuing journey of spiritual growth. Conscious Kernels is excited and honored to offer this new book to the public.

Just for our Conscious Kernels friends, pre-order your copy now. Sign up now to get on the waiting list, and you will receive a 30% discount when the book goes on sale. Pay nothing now. But get on the list. The discount will only be available for the first three weeks the book goes on sale.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Idea of the Month

Gratitude is associated with the month of November in the U.S. because of the Thanksgiving holiday. It still amazes me that Abraham Lincoln had the insight to create a national holiday just for giving thanks.

We all have much to be thankful for. Let us all see everything we can be grateful for. Recognize it. It will change your mental atmosphere and change your life.

What do you have to say about gratitude? It is not just platitudes! Gratitude is a spiritual force. It is an attracting power. It is easy to do. Add gratitude to your spiritual practice. It is a pure and simple communion with God.

(I am grateful to everyone who reads this blog and takes the time to comment!)

Until next time.