Friday, December 26, 2008

What happened to the podcasts?

Ah, yes. The best laid plans. The road to **** is paved with good intentions. Any other cliches?

Starting to do my year-end review and my next year planning and although I did accomplish the setting up of a podcast as was part of my list of goals for Conscious Kernels for 2008, I have only recorded the inaugural episode.

The original plan was to create a weekly podcast, especially for those who do not have a New Thought center in their community. Something that could stand in for a weekly Sunday Service or weekly classes, albeit a short one. Just something to help facilitate a spiritual practice, a spiritual pick-me-up, a spiritual boost to an otherwise ordinary day.

So now, 2009 is just around the corner. And a new commitment to recording podcasts. Maybe the once-a-week was too ambitious. Or maybe a shorter length of podcast would be doable.

In any case, stay tuned. There will be a second episode of the Conscious Kernels podcast. Maybe even a third and fourth.

Thanks for hanging in there. Sign up for the feed either at the website or in the righthand column of this blog page.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peace Be Still

At this time of year, we often turn toward innerspection, as well as looking at where the world is. As I wrote in the December issue of the Conscious Kernels newsletter, the idea of Peace has been forefront in my mind. And I wrote that before the attacks in India this past week.

Now, more than ever, we need to focus on Peace. Why is the violence happening? What is the real cause behind it? The conflicts seem to be coming from people trying to control other people or people thinking they can be controlled by other people.

If we all realized that we are the power in our own lives, that no one can take our power from us, that we are the only ones who can give our power away, then perhaps a small kernel of peace will begin to grow out of the knowing that we are the power.

We welcome your thoughts. How do you grow your kernel of peace in your own life?