Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Idea of the Month and Feature Article -- Transitions

For the March issue of the Conscious Kernels eNewsletter, the feature article discussed the issue of transitions. All kinds of transitions, but mostly about the transition commonly known as death. For the last few months, my experiences have included a number of transitions of family, and family of friends and acquaintences.

When Life hands you a bunch of similar experiences in a short period of time, that is a clue to look at what is going on with you. What does Life want to teach me now? What does Life want to teach me about transitions?

And then my beloved Louise made her transition. I knew it was coming. The inevitable had just been postponed for a few brief months. But I had nearly 16 years with this crazy, loving, frustrating, laugh-producing, cuddly creature. She was such a sweet girl. The only living thing that wanted to be with me 24-7. Sometimes she wanted my undivided attention. Sometimes she just wanted to be close by while she slept.

When I came home from the vet after her transition, the house seemed cavernously empty. For such a small thing, her presence was huge.

Thelma and I will carry on without her. That is part of dealing with loss. I think we will mourn her in our own ways.

Thelma and Louise were littermates. Together from before they were even born. Inseparable, even though they hissed at each other every now and then. Toward the end, they shared a pillow and slept the afternoon away. Something they had not really done since they were kittens. I think they both knew something was up.

I will be in the habit of looking down at the floor every time I turn around, because Louise was always underfoot, especially near the end. On her last day, I put on some soft music and held her in a blanket in my arms. I just wanted to keep her comfortable and close, the way she liked to be. And I wanted our last hours together to be peaceful and loving.