Friday, February 1, 2013

Februay Idea of the Month

As kind of a spin off from the idea of last month: You and your Good cannot be separated, this month we talk about Staying in the Truth.

Staying in the Truth is similar to you and your Good being one. Because the Truth is there is only the One. If there is only the One, you cannot be apart from anything, especially your Good.

Staying in the Truth is consciously remembering and living from the Truth. Despite appearances, despite experiences, despite anything that DOES NOT look like the Truth.

And this is not easy. Our brain is telling us to trust our eyes. Our intellect is telling us to make judgements about what we see.

But as the Bible says, "judge not by appearances but judge rightly" which means don't go be what your eyes see or what your intellect is telling you what is happening. Judge or think correctly. And that is judge or think with Truth as your foundation, with Truth as your guide.

Share your thought on "judging rightly".

Until next time,