Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Podcasts Launched!

Happy New Year to all! And in keeping with doing something new in this New Year, we are posting the first feed of our first podcast.

Just a little background. In a survey we did of our website visitors, a number of suggestions came up for a podcast as a way to help fulfill the Conscious Kernels goal of encouraging, enhancing and advancing your personal spiritual growth. I had been thinking about starting a podcast also. Not surprising, as there is only One Mind!

So this is a dry run. We may be tweaking the delivery as I learn more about actual podcast feeds and other technical stuff. We are all learning here, right?

Right now, you can access our podcast in two ways:
the first one is just to click on the link that is the main head of this post (Podcasts Launched!!). This should take you to where the mp3 file is residing. You can then listen to it right on your computer or download it to listen at another time, or listen to it again, or to load onto your mp3 player.

The other way is to subscribe to the podcast feed. You will need some sort of podcatcher for this. Just look to the top of the right hand column and there is a link for the feed. Depending on what podcatcher you are using, it may automatically "catch" this link for you or you may have to copy the link and add it to your url list in your podcatcher.

The advantage of using a podcatcher is that each time you launch it, it will scan the internet for any new podcasts you have subscribed to and automatically download them for you! You don't have to go see if there are any new episodes.

Give our podcast a listen. Let me know if you have any comments on the material or how you were able to access it.

We intend to make this a weekly feature -- but let's see how this first one goes!

Thanks for listening!