Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Idea of the Month

November is always associated with the Thanksgiving holiday. For most people it is all about food, family, football.

Which is all well and good. Especially if it makes the average person stop just for one minute and reflect on feelings of gratitude.

But we are seekers of spiritual growth. We want to be more than average. Thanksgiving and gratitude should be a daily practice. Is it for you?

Gratitude is acknowledging the workings of God in your life. It is recognizing the Power and the Presence. It is dwelling in the Spirit. It's a pause from our normal unconscious rushing-around living.

What a wonderful reminder.

Usually, we fixate on the ONE thing that is our latest problem. That means we ignore the thousands of things that are going RIGHT in our lives. I've done that. We've all done that.

Being grateful and thankful brings us back to those thousands of things. It makes us realize how blessed we are. We are blessed by God and we can show how much we appreciate it just by being thankful.

That's not too much to ask!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season.

Until next time,