Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Line of Products!

I've been so busy working on the secret surprise, that I haven't had time to post any additional clues.

So without further ado, I am here to announce to launch of a new line at Conscious Kernels. The HERITAGE LINE of ebooks. What is the Heritage Line? It is and will be a growing list of a hard-to-find and out-of-print books written by the pioneers and early leaders of the New Thought Movement. That's right, we have Ernest Holmes's two early, early works: Creative Mind and Creative Mind and Success. These are the precursers to his master tome: The Science of Mind, on which Religious Science was founded. We also have an early work by Thomas Troward, a great influencer of Ernest Holmes, and the man credited with starting the branch of philosophy called Mental Science. And last of our introductory list we have The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. This is the book that turned the life around of the producer of the movie/DVD "The Secret" that has been explored on Oprah a number of times in the last two weeks. This gem of a book will get you on the road to prosperity.

We will keep adding to this list of Heritage books as we pay tribute to where we have come from to see where we are going. These four books were all written between 1910 and 1919!!! Let's see how far we have come or NOT! Let's pay homage to the groundbreakers and original Thinkers that have helped us to understand Spiritual Principles to use in our daily lives.

You can see the list at
We will be adding more in the near future, so start adding these incredible books to your metaphysical library. These are all MUST-READS!!!

Until next time.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New stuff coming

Oh how I love to pique interest by being mysterious!!!

We are hard a work on a new line of products to be revealed by the end of the month. Again, with your personal spiritual growth in mind, we KNOW you will love this line-up. And it will most definitely become a part of your spiritual growth library.

I'm going to keep it a secret until the actual unveiling. We will probably be offering an introductory discount as well, so get ready!!

Stay tuned for more clues!

Conscious Kernels Discussion Board

It pains me to have to do this, but I had to make the decision to lock the entire Conscious Kernels Discussion Board at our website

Why? Because it was getting abused by posters using a discussion board about spiritual ideas and topics to make links to porn sites. It was taking up way too much of our Moderator's time to remove these posts and try to block their IP addresses from further posts. It became a major time-consumer and time-waster. So for the time being, no one can post to any forums. You can still read them, but no new posts. So after a major onslaught of these postings, I have decided no more postings at least for awhile.

Just ridiculous. And honestly, if these people had any sense of marketing, they would go around posting to an audience that would never use their links. There are plenty of other places these people can and should go. LEAVE US ALONE!

I won't comment on the sickness and depravity of these people in general, but just let them go find more suitable grounds for their activity. I will revisit this decision in a few months and see if they have moved on.

As with many things, a few idiots spoil it for everyone.

In the meantime, you can make comments here. Here at the blog, I get to screen comments BEFORE they get posted. We can't really do that at the discussion board until after the fact. So I welcome legitimate comments, questions, ideas, suggestions here at the blog. I might be able to put them on the discussion board in addition to here, time permitting.

Until next time.