Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Idea of the Month

This month, we are continuing the logical progression forward from Troward's Great Affirmation "I Am." that I introduced last month.

We all know how powerful the "I am" affirmation is and can be. But Troward also expands on this idea. How do we use the "I am"? How to we make it effective in our lives? After all, that is the point of living. To live effectively, lovingly, productively.

Troward, being the ever-logical thinker that he is, gave us his effective sequence (beginning with the I am of course): "I am therefore I can therefore I will." 

What does this sequence do for us? It starts with the all-powerful, limitless beingness that we are (I am). Then it moves our consciousness into having the capabilities and capacity of this limitless beingness (I can). Then it goes into the ability and desire to act and live in that limitless beingness (I will). It gives the power and intelligence of Spirit a channel in which to move and be directed through and by us. 

He also includes the sequence in reverse: "I will because I can because I am". Again acting and moving in the direction of your desires (I will) with complete faith of succeeding because you have the capabilities to do so (I can) because it all stems from your inherent spiritual nature (I am).

What spiritual power this brings to any situation. You have all of Spirit at the core of you to live a successful life. 

Try it! Share your thoughts and experiences here.

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White Feather has left a new comment on your post "October Idea of the Month":

That was very interesting. I had not thought of using I Am in conjunction with other words like that. Excellent ideas. Thank you.

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