Monday, September 3, 2012

September Idea of the Month

This month we discuss the Greatest Affirmation.

Thomas Troward says the Great Affirmation is "I Am." Just "I Am." With no qualifiers, no descriptors, no limitations. To Troward, even good, positive, wonderful words placed after "I am" is limiting. And we should not place limits on ourselves.

That's pretty hard-line. Using positive affirmations such as "I am health." "I am prosperous." and "I am happy." are good, positive affirmations and we should use them. A lot of good comes from using affirmations on a daily basis. Affirmations can be an important part of a spiritual practice.

But I think Troward is also saying to us, challenging us to go even more to Source, to go even closer to First Cause and just say "I Am".

God told Moses to tell the people the name of God is "I Am That I Am" when they ask what is God's name. "I Am That I Am" sounds to me like the Great Affirmation made Infinite. "I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am" etc. to infinity. God is Infinite Intelligence. God is Infinite Wisdom, Light, Goodness, Joy. You name it.

So we can get closer to that infinite, limitless Source that is God when we do a spiritual practice of just saying "I Am."

Try a meditation or mantra of "I Am" the next time you meditate or do your other affirmations. See what happens to broaden your perception of yourself.

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