Friday, March 9, 2007

"The Secret" Backlash

Did anyone catch another "Secret" show on Larry King last night? This time the people who appeared in the "Secret" had to defend themselves and the movie against pop psychologists and the like. I missed the first 15 minutes so I stayed up to catch the re-airing 3 hours later and after I saw what I had missed the first time, I turned off the show. I just could not take it. I could not stand to hear one more word about the "Secret" or its nay-sayers. I'm so sick of the Secret, but not for the reason you might think.

Just for clarity, the Secret was no secret to me. I've been a Religious Scientist for over 8 years. That teaching encompasses all the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, not just the Law of Attraction. What I am so sick about is the secularizing (if that is a word, if not I just made it up) of Spiritual Principles into drugstore remedies. The people who criticize this one explanation of one Universal Law, are not considering its complex nature as a Spiritual Law. They take a few phrases at face value and say "positive-thinking" is dangerous to be solely relied upon. And "to tell people all they have to do is think about something and they get it is living in a fool's paradise."

Science of Mind and New Thought cannot be reduced to Positive Thinking. That is so secular. And the "experts" on the Secret who reduce everything to energy vibration and brain waves are doing a great disservice to this knowledge of Spiritual Laws too.

Something "new" (although this teaching has been formally around for 80-some years; 2000 years if you count the true teachings of Jesus) is bound to be resisted, as some of the Larry King guests said last night. So I quess we will see how this all shakes out. The vast majority of humankind has not been ready for this revelation, otherwise Religious Science would not be classified as a "cult" by some unenlightened text books. Are they ready now? Not if they reduce a spiritual practice and principles to mundane, pedestrian ideas of "pie-in-the-sky" thinking.

But for those who felt something ring true in any of the information presented in the Secret, there are organizations that you can go to to learn more, to get more than just a Readers Digest version. New Thought centers and churches. That includes, Unity, Divine Science, and Religious Science.

Go get the real deal from one of these places and take yourself out of the pointless rhetoric that now seems to be the new legacy of the Secret.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said this any better. I am a member of Religious Science Morristown, NJ and I'm just finishing up with the 100 Series this month. I too think that the Secret should have come with a warning label. Thanks.

Patty Bogen Silver

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