Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spirituality can be logical

We can apply logic and scientific methodology to spiritual practice, spiritual growth, and spiritual understanding. Spirituality can be approached very logically.

Just read anything by Thomas Troward. Spirit is Universal Intelligence. It acts intelligently. It creates mathematically. Its creations evolved to the point where one of them (humans) was advanced enough to reflect Itself as a microcosm of Itself.

When I first started reading Troward, I felt like I had stumbled upon the original and long-lost script of the best Star Trek episode ever! It reminded me of the Star Trek movie where the crew came back into contact with the space probe "Voyager" which, in the course of its own journey, gained so much knowledge, it became aware of itself (V-ger) and was searching for its creator.

We are like V-ger. We have evolved into a consciously-aware mind. We are the individualization of the Divine, Cosmic Mind seeking to reunite consciously with our Creator. There is a space, as Eckart Tolle calls it, within each of us that is the stillness, the Divine, the conscious awareness. That stillness is connected to everything, to all things and to God.

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Spirituality should not be confused with the dogma of old, established religions that have forgotten why they were established in the first place. Spirituality is Universal. We are all Spirit. And that is not some filmy, esoteric notion of "self". But a logical, precise working of each Mind as part of the one Universal Mind.

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