Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Expanding my personal horizons

I have been a member of a Religious Science church for close to 10 years. I have volunteered in various ways over the years at my church.

Well, this past Saturday, I reached a new milestone in my relationship with this church and its members by becoming a director on the Board of Directors. In my new role as a Board Member, I will be practicing the teaching of Science of Mind even more by helping to support, guide and lead the course that our church will be taking for the next two years.

We have undergone many changes in the past year and a half including the resignation of our founding pastors, the transition of one of these pastors, the installation of a new pastor and moving into a new center.

I have to commend the current and previous Board Members that got the church through these challenging times, and I look forward to being of similar service.

My growth will be in building a consciousness in myself that I will see reflected in the outer experience of all the members. I am grateful for this opportunity!

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