Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Idea of the Month -- "Play"

So what do you think about the idea that your life should be filled with play? That every activity you do, should have some level of enjoyment or satisfaction in it -- or why do it at all?

Spirit is Joy. We should have as much joy in our experience as we can. If you are not en-joying, you are not in Joy, you are not in Spirit.

Do you think that there are some things that are not ever going to be enjoyable? How can you reframe those experiences and find the Good and Joy in them?

Or do you think I am just a Polly-Anna?

We welcome your comments.


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planter said...

Play is such as integral part of life.
So often we work hard and yet forget to play.
Unleash the inner child with in and play. Sing, laugh and play.
Children can teach us so much.

Louise Plant

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