Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We are Kindle-izing

I was thrilled to discover that Amazon believes enough in the ebook revolution that it developed and built an ebook reading device called Kindle. Kindle's launch was so successful, that it completely sold out. Amazon is now scrambling to manufacture more. You actually buy and download your ebook purchases wirelessly through the Kindle device.

We are supporting the Kindle format by beginning to offer our ebooks in the Kindle format. Just go to our website, choose the titles you want to purchase and click on the Kindle format link. You will be taken to the Amazon website where the Kindle version can be purchased and downloaded. www.consciouskernels.com

There are some limitations to Kindle. It's screen is only black and white. Book pages cannot be layed out as a normal page is layed out. It is more of a flowing text where you can change text size to your own liking. But Kindle's display is supposed to be near paper-quality in its sharpness which is great news to prevent eye fatigue.

So if you have a Kindle, you can now start getting Conscious Kernels titles on your Kindle. We will continue to phase in Kindle versions of all our titles. (This is subject to Amazon's approval. Amazon also has the final say in the pricing.)

So re-Kindle you love of books with Kindle!

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