Friday, March 28, 2008

New Multi-Media Program now launched

We are happy to announce that our first multi-media program is now available and the first topic we are exploring indepth is Prosperity. It's called "Building Your Prosperity Consciousness".

A challenge for many and any area of life that nearly everyone feels can be improved!

Just go to the product page to see all the components of this incredible program. There's ebooks and study guides, audio seminars and affirmations, and a 30-day e-course.

We've thrown in some exciting freebie items as well.

So if the lack of prosperity is an issue in your life, if you just can't seem to get a handle on your finances, if there always seems to be some emergency that requires cash, then I urge you to get this program. You will develop a whole new relationship with money. You will discover there is much more to prosperity than just money and things. Learn the truth behind the spiritual quality of prosperity. Yes, I said spiritual!

Our new Programs line is designed to really give you a comprehensive, encompassing experience in the chosen topic. Not just one book or audio file, but many different resources to immerse yourself in a learning and LIFE-CHANGING experience.

Now get on with changing your life!
I wish you well.

Until next time, Namaste

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