Friday, October 10, 2014

October Idea of the Month

Welcome to the month of October.

This month we're talking about "going with the flow". The Universe is a perfect, harmonious whole. There is a perfect Intelligence guiding it, creating it, moving within it.

If we just tap into that perfect Intelligence, we can go with that flow; we can hitch a ride on a smooth, effortless ride like floating down stream on a river.

The key and the "trick" is to tap into that Intelligence. How do we do that? With our own consciousness and thinking. We must think in a certain way that allows us to connect with Universal Intelligence. We, as individuals, have to do this for ourselves in our own way.

I'm sure we've all had those days when everything seemed to fall into place. The traffic lights were all green. Some one pulls out of a parking space just as you arrive to park. A phone call solves a scheduling issue. That -- whether you choose to believe it or not -- is being in the flow. No matter how mundane that seems because there is no big or little in Divine Mind.

Then we've all had days everything seems to go wrong -- even the littlest of things. How frustrating, how maddening. Now compare those feelings to the ones where everything is going right. Quite a difference! Just remember those good feelings as and when they happen. Then when things start going wrong, you can pick the frustrating feelings, or the good feelings and stop the "malfunction" in its tracks.

It will take effort on our parts, but the ride will be worth it!

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