Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Idea of the Month

Happy Holidays everyone!

This month, we're talking about the flip-side of this season of Giving: Receiving.

Receiving?? Yes, receiving. You can't give if someone else doesn't receive.

In this season of holidays and gift-giving, as we give generously to family, friends, charities, etc., we must also be willing to be on the receiving end of the giving that's going on.

Not just from family and friends, but MOST importantly from the greatest giver of all -- God. God is always giving to us. Love, which is God, is unconditional givingness. We are the receivers of that Love and that Givingness, but we have to do our part and accept that giving, accept that Good.

That's what I'm really talking about. Not gifts from family or friends. All the gifts that God is trying to give you -- if you'd only accept them!

Accepting anything good requires us to feel worthy of it. That can be hard. We are always quick to criticize ourselves and diminish ourselves over our "faults" and "shortcomings." It is a huge step in consciousness to truly believe that you are the beloved child of God.

In this month of Christmas, we can remember that Jesus was not the only son of God. We are all the children of God.

Enjoy this season of Giving -- both on the giving end and the receiving end. And have a wonderful holiday!

Until next time,

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