Monday, September 1, 2014

September Idea of the Month

Well, the summer has gotten away from me with my postings, but here we are in September -- the month of Expectation according to Ernest Holmes.

We have to be careful what we expect. Sometimes we expect less than the best. Sometimes? Probably most of the time.

Our idea of the month, however, is about this Good coming into manifestation and experience THROUGH YOU. There is no other way. No one can manifest your good for you. It must come through you. God is always giving you your Good, but you must accept it and receive it. God give to you by giving through you. That way, that channel is our consciousness. It comes through us through our consciousness. Whatever we think and feel and believe is what we get.

We must expand our consciousness if we are to experience greater and greater Good in our lives. So remember, God works through you. Are you making that process easy or hard?

Until next time,

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