Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We still have DVDs!

Dear Conscious Kernels friends,
As you may be aware, we used to offer spiritual and enlightening DVDs through Amazon.com as part of our efforts to bring you all kinds of ways to encourage, enhance and advance your personal spiritual growth. Yes, used to. Past tense.

Well, Amazon has decided to cut all ties with anyone or any business residing in a state that charges sales tax for items bought on the internet (or mail order) and shipped to that state. (We are talking physical products here -- not digital downloads.) Conscious Kernels resides in one such state and Amazon had decreed that it will no longer do business with us. Therefore, we have removed our hand-selected picks of Amazon DVDs from our website.

But, have no fear, we are still partnered with Spiritual Cinema Circle and SpiritClips.

Spiritual Cinema Circle is like the old Columbia Music House in that it is a monthly membership and you get DVDs instead of CDs or audiotapes. And, of course, they specialize in spiritual and uplifting movies. There is a free one-month trial, so it hurts nothing to try it out and see if it is for you.

SpiritClips is an awesome view-on-demand movie site where you can watch videos and movies over the internet (sort of like NetFlix). In addition to the on-demand streaming movies, there are electronic video greeting cards and other great things. Check that out too.

Just go to the same DVD page at ConsciousKernels.com and click on the links there. We even have a video sample from Spiritual Cinema Circle right on our page.

So as one door closes, another door opens. Right action is always taking place and this is just another example of it! I think you will enjoy what both SCC and SpiritClips have to offer.

More website changes coming soon -- stay tuned!!

Until next time,

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