Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Idea of the Month

How are you enjoying our communal spiritual practice of following, reading, and studying "365 Science of Mind" every day?

I have found it to be a great daily reminder of the Truth of Life and of myself.  I am communing with Spirit more often each day. I consult Spirit. I direct the Law. I affirm the truth of the Goodness of God more often. Isn't that a better way to go through life?

This month of April is the month of Renewal in "365". That goes with spring quite nicely. Renewal is wonderful. This idea allows to mind to remember that there is hope and fulfillment. That it is never too late for anything. That the past does not equal the future -- or even the present -- for that matter. That out of seeming negative appearances can come positive advancements.

So I invite you to pick something in your life that you would like to have new thinking about. Maybe it is your job or your spouse. Renew your commitment to being outstanding at what you do or your commitment to love.

As I wrote in the Feature Article for this month's newsletter, start paying attention to an area of your life you want to be more than average. Pick that area to have a new idea about -- a new mental equivalent. Spring is such a wonderful time to have new ideas about many areas of your life. Shed the winter clothes and have a new-found respect for you body. Clean out your home and circulate things you no longer need, and in the process, make room for new things to come into your life.

What do you want to have a new idea about? Share your thoughts -- post a comment.

Until next time,

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