Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Surprise Product is Here!!

I alluded to something in the works a couple posts ago. Well now I can unveil the secret surprise product.

Drum roll please. . . . .

Announcing the creation and now available: the 2007 Conscious Kernels Automatic Pop-Up Affirmations Calendar.

This is the coolest electronic product I have ever been involved with. Just install this calendar on your PC (sorry, not developed for Macs yet -- but if you have one of the new Intel Macs that runs Windows software, it will work for you!) in three simple steps and what happens is the program reads the date in your computer memory and each day when you start up your computer, an affirmation pops up for that date! Too cool.
Actually, it is more than just an affirmation. Each powerful, inspiring, life-changing affirmation is accompanied by a beautiful photograph and soothing music.

You can adjust when the affirmation pops up -- just chose a certain time and each day at that time, your affirmation will pop up. You can loop the music or not. You can choose to have it not automatically pop up (but why would you?)

We even have a free 3-day trial for you to try out. So simple to install, so automatic to use. And since this is installed on your computer, you do not have to be connected to the internet or turn off pop-up blockers or anything like that.

We are so thrilled to have this product that has been in the works for many months finally out there and available.

Visit the web page and try it for free:

I hope you are as happy with our calendar as I am.

Go check it out!

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