Saturday, December 23, 2006

Reflection on the Year and Jumping into the New Year

The days between Christmas and New Years, I will taking time off from my "day job" and this is the perfect time to think. Thinking creates your experience. I will reflect back alittle on 2006, but not too much. Just enough to be grateful for what I have received and accomplished and learned, and just enough to be the jumping off point for the New Year.

I am looking forward not backward. I will be thinking ahead to what I want this new year to bring. I will be creating the mold into which Law will put the physical form. I will get clear on what I want and need.

I will be thinking alot about Conscious Kernels, Inc. -- where it is headed, what I can give my readers, visitors and customers to help them on their spiritual journey, what I want Conscious Kernels to evolve into because just like us, it is always evolving and growing.

In the last few weeks, I've had some unpleasant experiences and I want to learn from them. So I will be exploring some of these issues in the next few weeks and will share them with you. We can all learn from each other and help each other.

We are all at our own level of consciousness. Some have a higher understanding and consciousness for relationships, or for health, or for wealth. It behooves us to learn from those with higher levels. It behooves us to study the masters and mystics. I certainly plan on doing more of that in the coming year.

And not to sound self-serving, but I will also read and take to heart each daily affirmation in the 2007 Conscious Kernels Electronic Pop-Up Affirmations Calendar. Do you know why? Because the Truth is the Truth! And we should all contemplate Truth daily. These affirmations are all Truth Statements and I want to know these Truths for ME! That is the only way I am going to grow.

That is how we grow our consciousness. Step by step. Daily contemplation of ourselves and our world in the Light of Truth, not in the shadow of appearances.

That is my New Year's wish for all of us -- to continue growing, to enjoy life as it is meant to be, to love, laugh and be happy, to express our spiritual selves uniquely.


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