Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Idea of the Month

Happy June, everyone! The weather has been glorious and this kind of weather make me feel alive!

This month we are talking about a crucial step in treatment and that is living from your demonstration. In other words, act as if. In still other words, make plans. 

Make Plans

In order to demonstrate, we must impress upon our subconscious what our desire is. One sure-fire way of doing that is to act as if the demonstration has already occurred. Then the subconscious accepts the demonstration as normal and natural for you and it manifests it. And while you are acting as if, you obviously would make plans based on living in your demonstration. There are millions of examples. You treat for a car. Then start making plans to find an insurance agent. Start making plans to clean out the garage and donate those items to charity. Start making plans for that road trip you've wanted to take for ages.

See where we're going with this? Making plans removes all doubt that your desire will demonstrate. You cannot have doubt about your desire manifesting or it will not. We must convince ourselves. We must convince our subconscious. When we make concrete plans and act on them, it's like "no turning back" for your mind.

Have you used "acting as if" to manifest your desire? Share your experiences here.

So make your plans right now for the thing you desire most. The Universe must support you. It must support this consciousness.

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