Friday, May 2, 2014

May Idea of the Month

This month we are talking about fear. Fear of our Good.

Yes we fear having our Good! Seems like it should be the opposite (and it should) but we do fear actually demonstrating our Good. Mostly it is fear of the unknown. It is fear of change.

Our desires are currently things we are not experiencing like a new relationship, a new home, a new job, etc. So in order to have these desires, things have to change. Thus the fear of change. In order to have these desires, we must move into experiences we have not had before. Thus the fear of the unknown.

These are real and normal fears. They may prevent us from asking that new person out on a date. They may stop us from moving to a new home. They may prevent us from going on job interviews. These are all fears of the process. The process of finding a new relationship or a new job -- and the related outcomes.

But we have to remember one great thing about our Good (desires): they are GOOD for us! They are good for us to experience or they would not be called our Good! Our Good can never harm us or another. Our Good can never be "bad" for us. Our Good can never be what we shouldn't have.

So work through or past the fear of the unknown or change. The Good we can experience can be so much greater than the fear that stops us.

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