Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July Idea of the Month

Better late than never!

This month we talk about embracing change.

Change is Good!

What changes in our lives is the physical. It is the events, appearances, circumstances, outcomes, and experiences. When there are changes in any of these outward things, we know something has changed within.

Something has changed within our own consciousness. Now if that change we see is good and we like it, we know that our consciousness has accepted a new level of Good for ourselves. If that change is not so good, we know we have work to do. Our consciousness has accepted something less than good for us -- for whatever reason.

If we are stuck and see no change when we want to see change, time to think anew. Time to stretch our imaginations, time to move beyond our self-imposed limitations.

The only thing changeless is Truth. Truth is the one constant. Use your knowledge and acceptance of the Truth of you to go forward, to move upward, to express greater. That is your new jumping off point! Stay in the Truth and your changes will be welcomed and embraced and enjoyed!

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