Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Idea of the Month

I don't think God enjoys seeing people suffer. There is no ability of the Life Principle to foist that upon Itself.

So we have to think: What's the point of going through a challenge if it does not benefit us in some way?

Punishment and suffering is not what Life is all about. That is not what God is all about.

When presented with a challenge, we must know and think that we will come out the better for it, that we will benefit somehow from it. If we put that demand on the Law -- that we do benefit from this situation -- the Law must comply.

We declare and demand that we benefit in ALL ways. Not just in physical terms like you get a new car after a car accident totals your old car. But in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways. In physical ways, we are healed and compensated. In emotional ways, we are comforted and supported. In spiritual ways, we grow closer to our Source in beliefs and faith.

It can be hard to see the good and how you benefit while in the midst of a serious circumstance. If you can't see this for yourself, go to a Religious Science Practitioner. Let him or her know your Good for you.

Just don't let this opportunity slip away. Don't suffer in vain. Don't set yourself up as a martyr. Declare your power, declare your right, declare your Good.

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