Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Idea of the Month

This month we are talking about things going from bad to worse! What many people in the New Thought movement call a dissipative structure -- when it seems like a chain reaction of one "bad" thing happening after another. Waiting for the other shoe to drop -- you know the feeling.

Dissipative structures, in science, are the tearing down before the building up of something stronger, bigger, greater. The tearing down must happen in order for the building up to commence. And here is the key: a dissipative structure would not occur if the building up afterwards was not a guarantee. In other words, a dissipative structure is not just destruction and that's the end of it. A dissipative structure by definition, means a building up must happen.

None of us are immune to problems and challenges. That is part of the human experience.

Our spiritual evolution, awakening, and understanding is to grow beyond our human experience. It is to know our true identity and our true selves.

Our true selves are greater than problems. Our true selves are stronger than challenges -- because our true selves are in partnership with God. We are individualizations of God. That means that we have the same ability to changing the ever-changing physical conditions with the unchanging, omnipresent power of Spirit.

Though a certain present condition may be difficult, we must stay in the truth, give no more power to that condition, turn from that condition to the solution in Spirit, and know that we come out the other side of it better, stronger, happier, and closer to God.

Ernest Holmes said the same thinking that got us into this problem cannot and will not be the thinking that gets us out of it. Our thinking must be to the solution, to the resolution, to the greater livingness that this problem presents -- not the problem itself.

It may not be easy. We have thousands of years of human experience living in conditional thinking. But that is what we must do. We must have the disciplne, the faith, and the loving kindness toward ourselves to let God "make it right."

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