Friday, March 1, 2013

March Idea of the Month

This month we talk about what we perceive to be prayers unanswered. But are they really?

I shared in this month's newsletter about a treatment request I made that appears to have been unfulfilled. Yet I gained something important just from the mere asking for a treatment from a licensed practitioner. My consciousness was raised. And that is ultimately what a treatment is meant to do!

Raising your consciousness does so much more for you than a temporary need fulfilled. Most people think of a demonstration as having received something you wanted -- whether that was money to pay an unexpected bill to a new relationship to a healing of an illness. But the true demonstration is that you developed a higher prosperity consciousness or a higher loving consciousness or a higher health consciousness and the result -- this time -- manifested as money for a bill or a new relationship or a healing.

Do you see the difference? The higher consciousness is not a one-time solution to a one-time problem. It is a new and sustained self-contemplation which will affect the next thing and the next thing and the next thing in your life. It changes the trajectory of your life.

That is a treatment demonstrated.

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