Sunday, January 3, 2010

January Idea of the Month

Happy New Year to all.

2010: metaphysically is comprised of the number 2 which represents polarity and balance and 1 which is unity and the zeros are amplifications of the 2 and the 1. The number 10 also means perfection. So this year is a wonderful opportunity to understand our balance and unity within ourselves and with others.

Which brings me to the Jan. newsletter feature article: "I'm OK, You're OK". No, this is not a review of the late 1960's pop psychology book by the same title (although I do have a copy of that book and should read it sometime!).

"I'm OK" is the very important ability to be self-accepting and self-approving which leads to self-worth and self-love. It is a high form of self-contemplation, which, if you have been reading my posts from way-back, is what it all boils down to.

Self-contemplation will determine what you create in your life. What you manifest with your thoughts and feelings. It is the cornerstone according to me and Thomas Troward!

So let's do a little less beating up on ourselves and this change in consciousness will also lead to a better relationship with all others. ("You're OK")

Read the whole article and you will see how this works. Sign up for the newsletter on the right of this page. Then go to the archives for the January issue.

Peace. Peace in your heart and Peace on Earth.

Until next time,


Kim McGinnis said...

Yes, self-contemplation is important - I couldn't agree more. When we take the time to practice this type of inward communication it is really amazing the circumstances that can show up in your life. Much of it comes down to trust and a willingness to develop the practice. I recently read an incredible book called 'Wake Up! Your Life is Calling' it's by a man named Andy Feld and he explains these ideas in a concise and intelligent way and gives practical ways to develop this practice.
Anyway... thanks for listening!

Tony Papajohn said...

Tina, I've been reading Troward on and off for years. You can read the same passages over time and they do have a new resonance each time. And if you've ever read Earnest Holmes, you can see the influence. Really good stuff. And it's good to remind yourself again and again about the power of thought for good or ill.

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