Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Idea of the Month and Feature Article Topics

This month, the Idea of the Month featured at the website (http://www.consciouskernels.com/) and the Feature Article in June's issue of the free monthly Conscious Kernels newsletter are both on the topic of timing.

Who's timetable are you living by? The limited, unknowing timetable of a human being (you!) or the all-knowing, all-good, all-harmonious timetable of Spirit?

Spirit knows no time really, but the experience of Spirit by us is through the convention of time. Do you always want stuff NOW!? Do you always want things done on your schedule?

And when you don't see it done on your schedule, what is your reaction? Do you get mad, frustrated, angry, depressed, resigned, sad, giving up? These are destructive and debilitating emotions and feelings. These will not help you in the long run to get in-synch with Spirit.

And that is what we all need to be doing -- geting in-synch with Spirit. Working with Spirit and not against It. Going with the flow of a loving and giving Universe.

Easier said than done, I know. I always have a whole list of things I want to get done by a certain time. Most of the time, that doesn't happen. Then I go through a range of the emotions listed above.

I decided that I would take a different approach in June. And this very morning, just the second day into this new month, Spirit gave me a test. I had my day pretty much planned out. But 15 minutes after I got up, my cat, Thelma, started experiencing a health issue. 15 minutes after that, I was on my way to the Vet with her.

She seems to be better now, thanks for asking.

But there went my plans for the morning. I said to the Universe, "this is not exactly what I had in mind when I said I would allow things to happen on your timetable, but OK, let's just go with it." But here was the test: Was I really committed to going with the flow or would I get all bent out of shape? I decided I would honor my commitment to allowing Spirit and do what I needed to do to help my friend.

About an hour and a half later, we were both home again. I kept an eye on her for awhile, then proceeded with my work and plans. As the day goes by, I'm going to monitor exactly what I don't get done because of the Thelma incident.

I bet it is not going to matter. I bet this morning's change-o-plans has no bearing on my efficiency today. We shall see. Maybe it will actually help me get more done. It certainly got me dressed and out of the house in a hurry!

Besides, what's an extra hour or two between friends?

Share your commments. I welcome your input.

Until next time, Namaste.

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