Friday, May 1, 2009

May Idea of the Month and Feature Article

Both the May Idea of the Month and the May Feature Article in the free monthly Conscious Kernels eNewsletter are about Divine Wisdom.

Are you letting Divine Wisdom guide your life? Do you block Divine Wisdom from helping you? Does your intuition tell you something and your intellect tell you not to listen to it!?

That happens alot. We second-guess ourselves. We ignore hunches, feelings, split-second ideas that flash into our minds.

We are always connected to Divine Wisdom. It is within us -- that is how connected we are to it!

Can you trust an idea that seems impossible to the intellect? Can you go with something that may seem unusual? Would you consider yourself "silly" for following a feeling?

You must remember that Divine Wisdom is WISE! It is not going to steer you wrong.

Share your ideas on Wisdom and intuition. Any great examples of following your intuition? Or what happened when you did not?

Until next time, Namaste

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Linda said...

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