Saturday, January 4, 2014

January Idea of the Month

Happy New Year to all!

A great time to think a New Thought in a New Year!

This month, we get back to basics. Back to the root, back to the heart of what we call spirituality.

Spirituality is, and Ernest Holmes would agree with me, is our relationship with the Divine Presence. It is the constant and consistent attempt to feel the Presence of God in everything and in everyone.

It is our recognition that this Presence exists. That this Presence is Good, Truth, Beauty, Peace, Power, and Love -- and only things of good report.

So how much we believe that, how much we recognize that, how much we acknowledge that is our relationship with it.

Is this relationship trusting? Is this relationship consistent? Is this relationship beneficial? Is this relationship interactive?

This is a good time to reflect on that relationship and its characteristics. Do we want to improve it?

Ultimately, do we want to make it a priority in our lives?

Knowing all good things can come to you in the new year, until next time,


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